On the Silk Road to Love: A Fiction Book of Facts

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Sude Khanian
Creative writer, fine artist, filmmaker, and a businessperson. Author of three fiction books and three business management books. You can find a free copy of my short-story "Cancer" from "Alleged & the Alleged Stories" here: http://traveland.wall.fm/blogs/2



‘On the Silk Road to Love’ was not yet realized at the time I decided to write this book as ‘a Fiction Book of Facts’. But then when the essence of its story became a major part of my life, not only ‘On the Silk Road to Love’ became the first and the longest story and the main title of the book, but it also became the most unpolished one. It is a story of a love unrealized for six years but not forsaken which had brought upon its victim, a PHD Physician specialized in Quantum Physics, an inexpressible injustice not by the beloved but by her assumed key to union. Though the story is a faction and not a fact, for its association with challenges, defeats, and heartbreaks me and a friend faced, writing every single bits of it came with great pain which is silently reflected in the story. However, for the oddness of the unexpected and the naivety of the victim, you will also have your moments of hard laughter. At least, I had even at the time I was living it or now that I am remembering those moments. The last story also, ‘the Lead’ was written when in grave pain and struggle but for the magic power of the unknown it gave birth to love and brought into being Poe and Si who are as factual to me as the beloved Tipotaki. Enjoy Being You! Sudè Khanian

On the Silk Road to Love: The Fiction book of Facts is the product of two journeys and the two I met in these journeys; a dream journey which introduced to me Tipotaki; and a life journey which introduced me to 'her'. It was not that long ago that I woke up and somewhere between the dream world and what we refer to as reality I met Tipotaki and I learnt about tipotakians. Meeting its reality, I was so excited and edged that I was doubtlessly determined to write my whole next book on Tipotaki and how they are not a person but a superpower that is at the same time a parasite of sleeping minds. But then I met her and what we experienced together and the stories she shared took control of the book and sod tipotaki's secret under its veil to bring into life a read worth your smile, your tears, your pondering, and hopefully your praise.

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