ABOUT Sude Khanian

Sude Khanian
Creative writer, fine artist, filmmaker, and a businessperson. Author of three fiction books and three business management books. You can find a free copy of my short-story "Cancer" from "Alleged & the Alleged Stories" here: http://traveland.wall.fm/blogs/2



30.5 is a collection of 31 reflectional fiction stories influenced by the author’s vaguest view point of the universe and her autobiography. What makes 30.5 a good read, is presence of an element of surprise within each story, contradiction of what is discussed and what happens in the story, a twist in the conclusion raised by a puzzling statement emphasized as a footnote on the bottom of all pages of some stories which reader would subconsciously link to the ending of the story even if there is no indication of presence of such link, and how each stories opens up with a mini-journal which explains in a poetic way how the author felt prior to creating that fiction story. The introduction and conclusion of the book also have an unusual form as the introduction is written in form a letter from the younger version of the author to her older versions and the conclusion is in form of a journal of a descendant of her. Some stories are more biographical that the others and some are extremely philosophical and puzzling. Either way, there is a story there for every taste.