Science Fiction & Fantasy, Mystery & Thrillers

By Kris Robbins

Publisher : Scratch, Scribble and Scribe

ABOUT Kris Robbins

Kris Robbins
Born in Lancashire in the UK during the post war baby bulge I have had a fantastic life that itself reads more like a novel than reality!

As a boy I taught the Beatles how to ice skate! Bill Gates's little computer company was smaller than mine in 1975 and I refused to join h More...



A fast moving romp of a novel, it will leave you wondering who will play the main parts in the FIlm that is sure to follow!

Magical, sacriligeous, political it is a study of what the modern World has acheived and how a man, if he is a man since many believe that Josh is far more than a mere man, can change everything in just a few short years!
Follow his progress, his life, as he strives to meet his aims and watch the backlash that comes from some unsuspecting sources as he achieves them.

Others see his progress as an opportunity to put their own plans into action!
Eventually, in a mind blowing finale the plans collide and the result is truly explosive!