Cold Day in Hell

General Fiction, Science Fiction & Fantasy

By Denise M. Main

Publisher : World Castle Publishing

ABOUT Denise M. Main

Denise M. Main
I love writing! And I'm lucky that two of my books have been published and a third has been accepted by my publisher World Castle Publishing which is good since its part of a series, the 'Structure Chronicles'! I was born in Yorkshire, England, in a town where EmilyBronte was a governess  More...



DEMONS ARE Azarial thought.

It was a cold day in Hell when Azarial - demon, sculptor and daughter to the Fallen angel Sariel - got the first inkling she wasn't quite the person she'd thought she was. 

Then when two old friends arrive bringing with them an outlawed rogue, she welcomes them. When they ask her to hide them from bounty hunters how could she refuse?

But when magic-users summon her to Earth and force her to find the rogue, then things begin to get nasty. 

Azarial tries to hold her life together and help her friends.

Despite the angel who keeps following her around, a sultry young Nightlord who wants her to be his mentor, and the temptation of old lovers...

And you just know it's going to be a bad day when you wake up with a stolen baby dragon in your kitchen.

Demons always got a bad press. Azarial, is a demon, but not quite like you'd expect. She's rather nice to work for, provides room, board and a wage for her imp, Tonk, and is always ready to help friends. So, why can't demons be just like people - well, maybe even nicer, considering? That was why Cold Day in Hell was written - a little table-turning, and views from the 'other-side'.

Jasmine Denton's Review - Cold Day in Hell - on Goodreads

'...When I started reading this book, I didn't know what to expect. I'd never read a high-concept fantasy before, but Denise Main's sense of humor made this an easy read. When I turned the page, I didn't know what to expect next, since Rial and Tonk managed to get themselves into hilarious disaster after hilarious disaster, while blending a nice little mystery into the mix. And did I mention there's a bunch of hot, powerful supernatural guys that need Rial's help? Yummy. 

But, above all of that, the world-building is amazing. For that reason alone, this is a must read for anyone interested in the Fantasy genre'