Science Fiction & Fantasy

By Denise M. Main

Publisher : World Castle Publishing


ABOUT Denise M. Main

Denise M. Main
I love writing! And I'm lucky that two of my books have been published and a third has been accepted by my publisher World Castle Publishing which is good since its part of a series, the 'Structure Chronicles'! I was born in Yorkshire, England, in a town where EmilyBronte was a governess  More...


Jenna is an ex-junkie and talented illustrator who seemingly attracts trouble wherever she goes. On the run from her addiction and looking for a physical and spiritual breathing space, she meets up with Lone Wolf. This young half-breed Apache saves her life, then awakens her to a hidden past that horrifies, confuses and puts her in worse danger than ever. 
Torn between loyalty to her father, her powerful family of shape-shifters, love for her brothers, and devotion to her young son, she rebels. Then the fur really begins to fly.
In order to save her life and sanity, she attempts a desperate take-over for control of the family, with just one ally at her side – her Apache saviour and adopted brother. 
But he is much more than he appears to be…and not always on her side.