Mystery & Thrillers

By Michael Benson

Publisher : Shanty Town Books

ABOUT Michael Benson

Michael Benson
Michael E. Benson was born in a small coal mining town in Kansas.  He moved to the deserts of Utah when he was twelve and there he learned to hunt and to survive in the wilderness. It was there he also learned of his affinity with horses. Later, his parents moved to Kansas City. After hig More...


Sergeant Frank Petrovic is a skilled investigator with nearly thirty years experience. Sergeant Maria de Leon is the only detective in the Homicide Unit that does not have a partner. When Frank, a few months before his mandatory retirement age, teams up with Maria, exciting and unexpected things begin to happen. A serial killer has been murdering women over a period of several years, and the Homicide Unit has thoroughly investigated each case.   Frank and Maria have the task of keeping the files open, investigating any new leads that come in, and remaining current on all the crimes. There is no doubt in anyone's mind that the killer will strike again. Frank realizes that the assignment is ''busy work'' until his imminent retirement, and Maria realizes that she is a token minority and not taken seriously. No one believes for a second they will make any progress.   But they have underestimated Frank's ability and his bulldog tenacity, and overlooked Maria's obsession to prove her merit. From the beginning to the shattering end, this novel reads like true crime drama and will keep the reader spellbound.

When I taught Criminal Investigation I often created scenarios. The natural outgrowth of that was that I began writing them down and eventually made them into a book. I would often take the book to class and question the students over some of the scenarios I had created.