Larger Than Death

Mystery & Thrillers

By Lynne Murray

Publisher : Pearlsong Press

ABOUT Lynne Murray

Lynne Murray
Lynne Murray knew she wanted to write a novel featuring a fat heroine with a take-no-prisoners attitude when the book hit the wall. She threw the novel she was reading when she reached a page where the book's heroine sneers at a fat character. It was one fat joke too many. She had to do so More...


Meet Josephine Fuller, a sleuth of size who doesn't apologize.

Larger Than Death introduces "Jo" Fuller, full-figured and full of attitude with abundant sleuthing skills. In Larger Than Death Jo takes time off from her new job checking out potential charities for an eccentric socialite and walks into a murder scene. Her best friend and early role model, Nina—a plus-sized clothing designer—lies slain in her own apartment. Was she the victim of a serial killer who targets voluptuous women? Or is the murder personal?

As Jo copes with her friend's murder, an unexpected romance and a bizarre host of neighbors, she races to find the killer before becoming the next victim.

Originally published in hardcover by Orloff Press, then in mass market paperback by St. Martin's Press, but out of print for several years....Pearlsong Press has brought Larger Than Death back to life in trade paperback & ebook form.

"Big is beautiful in this debut. Josephine Fuller is a character of substance, not just size."
Publishers Weekly

"Written with a rare and entertaining clarity, and unique comic imagination."
San Francisco Examiner

"Murray brings a refreshing approach to storytelling,developing realistic characters and believable relationships."

"Josephine Fuller is truly a woman of substance: wry, perceptive, richly alive and unapologetically independent."
Marilyn Wallace

author of Lost Angel

"Finally! Great character, terrific concept. Josephine Fuller is...self-confident, self-accepting, strong. Wonderful!"
Kathleen Swanholt
editor of Mysterious Women Newsletter

"Lynne Murray has developed a bold and gritty heroine. The fresh, sassy voices of both Jo Fuller and her creator are welcome additions to the mystery shelves."
Selma Eichler
author of Murder Can Wreck Your Reunion

"Larger Than Death has more twists and turns than the curves of its amply endowed heroine.Delicious reading!"
Cheri K. Erdman

author of Nothing to Lose & Live Large!