Lonely Hearts

Christian Books, General Fiction, Romance

By Amanda Stephan

Publisher : TreasureLine Publishing

ABOUT Amanda Stephan

Amanda Stephan
Amanda Stephan is just a normal, everyday country girl. She resides near Columbia, TN with her husband and children, three cats, one dog, and multiple roosters that love to roost under their bedroom windows. She loves to laugh and have a good time, and loves to read a good book.


One lonely mother. Two matchmaking kids. Three eligible bachelors and some very yummy apple pie…

Becky Callis is the widowed mother of two, trying to make ends meet. Moving to a new town, things get a little complicated when her mischievous children think she's been lonely far too long and try to take romantic matters into their own hands.

Scott Boone seems to be everything their mother could like. Handsome and friendly, Scott makes his interest in Becky clear ~ even though she's older. Is he the handsome, debonair cowboy Becky needs, or just a rake looking for another notch in his belt?

Jack and Becky have been friends since childhood. When they're reunited years after their lives have taken very different paths, this lonely preacher begins to wonder if God has brought her back into his life for a reason.

Pearce Morgan is a single parent raising his young daughter after his wife deserts them. Divorced and disillusioned, an unlikely friendship arises between him and Becky when his shy daughter decides she loves Becky and her kids.

True love is more complicated than it looks.

This sweet Christian romance was written with a purpose in mind. Too often, parents take their children for granted. It is Amanda's desire that people who read this novel will remember the precious gifts of their children. Before it's too late and too many regrets have been heaped up.

Amanda Stephan's story intrigues, excites and delights! ~ M. Watson

I LOVED this story. From beginning to end it kept me totally enthralled and wondering how it would all work out. Loaded with zippy dialog and great characters made for a fun and very satisfying tale. ~ Love to Read Novels "Sherry"

When I found out her next book, "Lonely Hearts" was coming out, I was ecstatic! I knew it would be yet another great read. And I was so right! ~ A. McKinnon