The Rose of Cavendish

Young Adult

By Lea Cherry

Publisher : Xlibris

ABOUT Lea Cherry

Lea Cherry
First time author. Published my first book and working on my second, which is a follow up.



Anna-Belle, the flightless princess of Fae, has escaped out of the palace to live life her way. Little does she know that life is changing her into something she did not foresee!

Her friends, Landon and Keira, the Napaea faes, Aranhil, the prince of the Elves, and Ulrik, the dwarf will join her on a quest to save the Fae Realm. She must make a choice and her heart's true desire will be the key to unlocking the mysteries she needs to know as well as the destruction of what she already does!

Life as a Fae princess is the road to darkness!

There is no story really. It was just my love of the fantasy realm called fae (Fairy Realm) that had gotten me thinking about a story. It is mostly a dare to myself to see if I could write a book. It started out as fun, but turned into something a bit more compelling.