Burning From Within: Inside Kristal McKerrington

Burning From Within: Inside Kristal McKerrington

ABOUT Kristal McKerrington

Kristal McKerrington

I'm a twenty two year old writer from Scotland, who believes in breaking new ground and making a huge difference to people's lives through the art of word.

I'm now a 16 time published Author with XoXo Publishing. My work consists of the following works. You can buy them on More...



Kristal McKerrington, a young twenty-two year old author opens up her heart and her life for her readers in hope to inspire and give hope for Rheumatoid Arthritic and Dyslexia sufferers out there. To show them that there is such a thing of getting your dream. She hopes that by writing this book that she can help raise awareness to all of the sufferers out there and help to show them that determination along with dreaming is all you need sometimes. Learn about this woman, who's over come the odds to become a full time, multi time published author.