Twin Rivers

Mystery & Thrillers

By Jessica Buike

Publisher : Smashwords

ABOUT Jessica Buike

Jessica Buike
When not writing, Jessica Buike enjoys spending time with her husband and many pets (including cats, rabbits, and a neurotic Border Collie). She currently resides in Bellevue, Nebraska and loves living in the Midwest because the weather gives her something to complain about.



Rhiannon awakes from a two year coma to find the world as she had known it prior to her accident shattered. Her parents are gone, and so is part of her memory. The same nightmare haunts her endlessly, and leads to a road of both discovery and pain as she works hard to uncover what happened so long ago.

This book was inspired by a nightmare, which then turned into a scary short story that won 2nd place in contest, which then turned into the short book you see today!