The Color of Darkness and Other Stories

The Color of Darkness and Other Stories

ABOUT Donna K Fitch

Donna K Fitch
Donna K. Fitch is a professional illuminator of alternate realities, a writer of the fantastic for the amusement of herself and others since junior high. During her late career as an academic librarian, she published several scholarly articles in peer-reviewed journals, and edited her late More...


A novella and two short stories that subvert your view of everyday life.

Detour: A peaceful walk with your grandfather may evoke memories you'd rather not experience firsthand. Quantum Critique: Does criticism of a painting literally destroy it? The Color of Darkness: Ever notice the patterns of car colors on the interstate? Brendan Mitchell hasn't either. Until he meets Sienna Shelby, who insists she can divine the future by observing those patterns. But will their relationship succeed when her powerful employer warns him to stay away from her, and when Sienna herself warns Brendan that fate has something dangerous in store for all of them?