The Companion of Lady Holmeshire

General Fiction, Romance, Young Adult

By Debra Brown

Publisher : World Castle Publishing

ABOUT Debra Brown

Debra Brown
I have enjoyed creative pursuits for many years and have written my first book, The Companion of Lady Holmeshire. I have begun work on my second, For the Skylark.


Drift back in time to a different world. Enjoy the finery of the aristocratic lifestyle. A foundling infant, Miss Emma Carrington, grows to become a servant and then the companion of the Countess of Holmeshire. Her attraction to the young Earl of Holmeshire seems for naught; he is engaged by arrangement to a London lady. Follow them from a stone castle, to an English village and then into London mansions for The Season. Emma is dragged into snobbish aristocratic society, enduring rude remarks. Mysterious events, polite romance and splashes of humor entertain as you enjoy banquets and the Midsummer Night's Dream Ball. A big surprise awaits! Great in the New Adult category of YA books.

I used to watch period movies while I was making jewelry. I enjoyed them very much, but... I ran out! It was time to write a new story. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I did the writing.

"There is a cast of many interesting characters. I have to say, as well, that this read a lot like a variation of Upstairs, Downstairs. We are given a view of both the elite and servant classes through the cast of characters. It was fascinating.

"Yet, what I enjoyed most was the surprises Brown managed to throw at me. None were what I expected and I appreciate that in an author. It was not till the end that all is revealed and I have a hunch Brown took a cue from Shakespeare’s Puck in a Midsummer Night’s Dream.

"Debra Brown’s debut novel was a valiant and intriguing effort. Her writing style is sophisticated and on point and her ability to weave a story is unique and of a style I have not encountered before. I really enjoyed The Companion of Lady Holmeshire and wait for Brown’s next novel with anticipation."

Kaydee, For the Love of Austen

"The suspense builds and the ending will shock you. Beautifully written with vivid details, the characters clever and well developed and the suspense intricately woven, it's hard to believe this is Ms. Brown's debut novel. Her attention to detail shows she has definitely done her research on the period. I really enjoyed this glimpse into the past and look forward to future works of author Debra Brown's."

Wendy Hines; Minding Spot

"Deborah Brown has mastered the genre of storytelling of historical, romanntic, mystery epochs and can spin a yarn right down to the Engish lisp and brogue. Is she our modern day Austen?
"For those of you who crave romantic intrigue combined with mystery, and humor - in all the right settings for all the right reasons- this is it."

Antoinette McKain, Kid Smart Books