Nowhere Left to Hide

Young Adult, Romance, General Fiction

By Elle Amberley

Publisher : Indio Press

Nowhere Left to Hide

ABOUT Elle Amberley

Elle Amberley

Elle is a British author who likes to dabble with words in English but also more recently in French. She’s a bohemian at heart, the result of having lived in several countries as a child.She often writes articles on subjects she’s passionate about such as children and women’s i More...



Natasha is a young British student. She is tired of running scared and when offered the chance to study in California she jumps at the chance.

She finds love and friendship away from the ghosts of her childhood. But what will she do when her visa expires and her boyfriend asks her to marry him?

Santa Barbara holds a piece of my heart and became a life-changing experience for me. So, when Natasha popped up in my head, demanding to be written, I knew this was the place for her. A safe place, away from harm, where she could relax and drop her guard, find and be herself. Natasha is very special to me because we share similar experiences. However, I did not want to write a story that was merely about living in fear. I wanted to show that many of us who have gone through dreadful events do get stronger, that we can all break the cycle. Sartre said that we always have a choice. Indeed how we react is up to us, we can lie down as victims or pick ourselves up, live to see another day and grow from it

“A heartfelt tale, told with a deft touch” novelist Rowan Coleman.

‘Lyrical from start to finish, Elle Amberley embraces the essence of women and friendship in Nowhere Left to Hide. Natasha, a young poet and writer, is wise beyond her years, as she lets us accompany her on her year long journey from England to the sunny coast of Southern California as she finds courage, her true calling and love.’

Ana Lewis, Founder,