The Secrets of the Unwritten Book: Fate of the Golden Heart

Romance, Science Fiction & Fantasy

By Malika Bourne

Publisher : Camp Pope

The Secrets of the Unwritten Book: Fate of the Golden Heart

ABOUT Malika Bourne

Malika Bourne
I used to just dream, now I write my  own beginning and end..



Eons ago in Lamoria, the Queen of Disipline wrote a magical book about a war to break out in the Heavens  between the Dark and the LIght.  Pages were stolen and the book seemed to be forgotten.
On the planet Mylantra, Anna's life long journey of self discovery is realized when she befriends an angelic messenger who reveals that Anna is really a spy  for the magical world of Lamoria.This psycological fantasy twists and turns around everlasting love to be reunited only if the secrets from the missing pages of the anciet manuscript can be re-written in a book yet unwritten. Time is of the essence as signs signaling the end of the world are coming to pass.

Author Malika Bourne would sit at night doodeling ideas in a journal about writing love letters to her childhood sweetheart who had passed away. Telling her friend, at the time, that she was wanting to write a book, the friend suggested that she combine their stories that included both women. The Secrets of the Unwritten Book was born. It was first published under the subtitle Fate of a Planet. As fate would play its part, the hard copy manuscript seemed flawless. As the chapters were being merged just before sending to the publisher, someone hit a light pole. The electicity went on and off for a week causing some corrected chapters to crash. Many typos appeared in the first edition, too costly to correct, too late. The second version was tweaked, a new cover was added with a new publisher, Camp Pope. Now Malika is working on completing the origional book, Journals in the Tower, which tells another version of how 'Secrets' was written. The third of the series for 2013, is titled 'Conned by an Angel'. The book reveals the real truth about Lamoria, Mylantra and the most loved character in The Secrets of the UnwrittenBook, Angelo the KIng of the Sultans. This promices to be a shocker.