Science Fiction Theatre: A History of the Television Program, 1955-57

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Martin Grams
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This semi-documentary anthology series explored the "what ifs" of modern science with a heavy emphasis on fiction. Each drama was based on science fact dealing with such subjects as time travelers, UFOs, mental telepathy, robots, psychokinesis, man's first orbital flight into space and even the possibility of thawing frozen prehistoric animals from blocks of ice. Hollywood luminaries made guest appearances. Beverly Garland, Howard Duff, Basil Rathbone, Vincent Price, Edmund Gwenn, Gene Lockhart, William Lundigan, Gene Barry and many others. The host of the program was Truman Bradley who presented commentary and science experiments (ala Mr. Wizard) to emphasize the premise of that week's science fiction story.

This 530 page book is due for a September 10, 2011 release and will document the entire series with behind-the-scenes production details, memories from cast and crew, a highly detailed episode guide revealing talent fees for every actor who appeared on the program, dates of production and much more! The kind of detail you cannot find elsewhere. Over 150 exclusive, never-before-published behind-the-scenes photographs.