Blood and Magick - Betrayed

Young Adult

By Morrigan Michele

Publisher : World Castle Publishing

ABOUT Morrigan Michele

Morrigan Michele
Morrigan lives in a small town in the heart of Texas with her husband Robert, and their daughter Brianna. She is also an ordained minister and active in her community. When she is not busy writing a book she enjoys spending time with friends and family and she loves to shop. Morrigan a More...



Love. Lies. Magick. Betrayal.

Alexis Allcroft is used to being different, but nothing could have prepared her for the buried secrets about to be revealed.


With her seventeenth birthday approaching the only thing on Alexis Allcroft's mind other than her birthday party is Sebastian Valto, the hot new guy in school.

Things suddenly take a strange twist, and in an effort to take the spotlight off herself, a spell backfires and her secrets are revealed as well; secrets she didn't know existed. With her world quickly spinning out of control, Alexis realizes no one is what they appear to be, not even herself! Alexis will soon learn that family secrets run deep, blood deep....
"I enjoyed Blood and Magick: Betrayed immensely! From the introduction of Alexis as a kid who has to deal with cruelty at school (and who hasn’t?), to the revelation of the secrets in her family and within herself, the book is written in a realistic and compelling way that leaves you begging for more with every chapter. The authors obviously did their research reguarding the supernatural elements of the story, which helps to make the characters more believable and the plot more intriguing. I am definitely looking forward to the upcoming sequels in this series!!"
Maxine Bringenberg