Ten Cent Wings

Science Fiction & Fantasy

By Nancy Beck

Publisher : March Winds Publishing

ABOUT Nancy Beck

Nancy Beck



  What can an angel or faerie do to you?


  In "Ten Cent Wings," Doug "Tank" Sherman is a down-and-out boxer in the U.S. Midwest, circa 1950. Drifting from tank town to tank town, he travels with his manager, hoping to finally Make It Big.

  Battered in his last fight, he decides to try his luck one more time, by calling out to his "friend," an unnamed angel. The angel fixes his broken body. But this angel extracts a price, a monetary price, for Tank to keep his healed body.

  The price? Ten cents. One thin dime.

  Tank is broke. Can he cough up the money in time?

  In Vengeful Faerie, Domnicca is a faerie, spending carefree time in The Glade, a world hidden from humans. But when she finds out she was born on the wrong side of the hill and no one is truly her friend, she takes off for the unprotected, human world.

  Larry Bigelow is a veteran of World War II, and can't find a job in late 1940s America. Stuck in a small town, he waits outside an employment office, hoping, praying they can find him something. Because Larry has just the suit on his back to carry him to a job.

  Enter Domnicca. The only way she can live (and feed her cigarette habit) is find a sucker who'll fall for any line and finagle money out of him.

  In The Glade, she was sworn to help any human who stumbled in.

  But outside The Glade, all bets are off.

Enjoy two fantasy short stories for the price of one!

I wanted to do a story about a faerie, and an old boxing movie from the 1950s popped into my head; could I combine the two? The result is "Ten Cent Wings." I then went on to imagine a beginning for the angel/faerie in "Ten Cent Wings." Call this short the origin episode. So I imagined the faerie lived in a hidden world, away from humans, but because of some awful things done to her, she left that hidden world. I then imagined men in the late 1940s, coming home from World War II, and having problems finding jobs. This would be the faerie's prey - she needed money for her cigarette habit.