The Matchmaker's Mark

Romance, Science Fiction & Fantasy

By Regan Black

Publisher : Getaway Reads, LLC

ABOUT Regan Black

Regan Black
Regan Black is dedicated to crafting action packed paranormal romance novels so readers can savor a fantastic escape from the daily grind. If you are looking for a proven author who can deliver a fast-paced, exciting novel for your essential escape you've come to the right place.


"The Matchmaker's Mark is wrapped in magic and beauty! It swept me away!" --Bestselling author Debra Webb 
When you're more than human, finding your soulmate takes more than an online survey. That's why the Matchmaker is always in demand. Half-elf Lily dreams of true love but has yet to meet Mr. Right. Dare, security chief for the Matchmaker is about to discover there's more to life than work.
"A lighthearted paranormal romance that will be loved by fans of both Nora Roberts and Kresley Cole." -- Jordan
5/5 stars!
"Regan Black has delivered yet another great piece of writing to readers with this contemporary paranormal romance. With the Matchmaker's Mark, Ms. Black has created a web of magic woven through modern-day Charleston. The Matchmaker is a Scottish witch with the power to facilitate romance and compatibility - a particularly useful and dangerous skill among the fantastical and mythical races. But the Matchmaker is an inherited title - and when the mantle unexpectedly passes to an unprepared college professor, the magic beings closest to her find their world turned inside out. 

Dare, a high-ranking wood elf, has served the Matchmaker as her personal guard for decades. But when he's sent away on an errand, Dare finds himself intrigued by a local florist. Trying to forget her is next to impossible - and he can't afford the distraction with the emergence of a new Matchmaker. 

Lily is a half-elf, stuck with a foot in both the human and magic realms - a major roadblock for romance. When a handsome man arrives after hours, Lily finds herself constantly thinking of him. Then word gets out - the Matchmaker is in town. Lily's ready for answers, but it seems that everyone is looking for their piece of the witch. 

A departure from Ms. Black's usual urban thrillers, The Matchmaker's Mark is a rare light-hearted paranormal romance that will be loved by fans of both Nora Roberts and Kresley Cole." --Jordan, Amazon reviewer

5/5 stars! 
"In my opinion, Regan Black has a winner with THE MATCHMAKER'S MARK. It's a fun paranormal romance, the first book in a new series. The matchmaker's mark is a magical mark that identifies individuals meant to be together. I loved how the romance progressed between Dare and Lily, although I did get a bit frustrated with Lily at times because she was so reluctant to believe. I also enjoyed the progression of the story of the matchmaker. We get a brief glimpse of a new matchmaker in the making, leaving us with a number of questions. Where is the former matchmaker and what happened to her? And we just barely get introduced to Grant Barclay, an angry werewolf, and Mac - a guardian, perhaps? I think there are some interesting stories to come! 

If you are looking for an entertaining and light-hearted read, THE MATCHMAKER'S MARK is for you. It is a love story with a hint of mystery, a dose of magic and a promise of more to come. There is a good, even pace to the story that makes you want to just keep turning the pages. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book and look forward to more in the series. The book was provided to me, by the author, for review as a beta reader." --Cherubslibrary, Amazon reviewer