Dreams and Vampires

ABOUT Dee Krull

Dee Krull
I'm an Author, Artist, Clinical Hypnotherapist. This year I wrote my first fiction book. I have written technical books and articles for newsletters but this is my first attempt at fiction. My book ""Dreams and Vampires" is the first of a series of four and is now available  More...


The story of a woman from Earth and her connection to a parallel world inhabited by mythical creatures who have been visiting Earth for thousands of years.
The beginning of the story finds Laurel, a Clinical Hypnotherapist, embroiled in a mystery, who is taking her clients and why?
A love story between a human from Earth and a Vampire from another world who wants to change her for her own safety. If she allows him to change her she may never see her son again, but if she stays human she could die at the hands of the inhabitants or from the planet itself.