Raised In Evil

Mystery & Thrillers

By Neil Davies

Publisher : C&N Publications

ABOUT Neil Davies

Neil Davies
Horror and Science Fiction author, musician


Raymond Shaw has a past he has all but eradicated from his memory. A twisted past involving his parents, a defrocked priest, satanic rituals and murder. But now he dreams of dead girls and he knows the past has resurfaced and is calling to him, calling him back to the purpose he was raised for.

Detective Inspector Frank Giles is investigating a series of ritualistic murders that bring terrifying memories of an earlier case back to him. There had been murders then, too, and the cult of Beliar led by the defrocked priest Father McHinery, and a small boy found hiding behind the sacrificial altar, a small boy named Raymond. McHinery is dead, Frank watched him gunned down, but as his investigations into the current murders continue, the evidence keeps pulling him towards one conclusion. The cult of Beliar has resurfaced and at its head, impossibly, is a resurrected McHinery.

They are killing once again but, more than anything, they want Raymond back. Beliar must be made flesh and only one raised for that purpose can fulfil his need.
"Raised in Evil has to be the most intense and most well written supernatural crime thriller I have ever had the pleasure to read. Neil Davies takes his readers to the very edge of the abyss of evil and then pushes them over and into a world of complete and total darkness of the mind and heart.
Police Inspector Frank Giles is thrown into a realm of occult madness as he investigates the ritualistic serial killings of several you girls and women. He soon realizes that the cases are linked to events that occurred when he was just a young officer many years before. Although the cult leader a defrocked priest was killed almost thirty years earlier, Frank begins to suspect that the dead priest has returned and resumed his sadistic and evil activities.
I found Raised in Evil to be profoundly disturbing. I normally pride myself in being able to finish a full length novel in a matter of hours, however I constantly found myself having to take a break from this story because of its intensity. This is not a bad thing at all. This is a testament to how well Neil Davies can can reach the mind and, yes even the nerves of his readers."

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