ABOUT Kelly Sciammarella

Kelly Sciammarella
As a twenty-eight-year-old wife and mother, I spend a lot of time not sleeping. Although sleep deprivation may cause others’ minds to crack, I feel it has done me justice. The strange and wild dreams I’ve had make for excellent stories. I have been writing since I was a teenager and it More...



Kaleb Seer has a secret.  He has a new friend.  A friend that no one else can see...

When Kaleb woke up on the morning of his eighteenth birthday, he expected nothing more than a phone call from his best friend, Vee, a “surprise” cake after dinner, and maybe a few presents from his mother, Bernie. Instead, he’s surprised with a family heirloom he’s never even heard of—a book that has been handed down to one member of the Seer family for generations. At first, the handwritten journal of his ancestors is strangely intriguing—that is, until Kaleb starts hearing voices and seeing peculiar people roaming all around him. Turns out, Kaleb has a gift. He can see the Guild—the world living among his own made up of gods, goddesses and countless creatures he’s only read about in fairytales.

Befriended by the goddess Shieldling—banished from her kind a century ago by the Winter Queen, Fairuza—Kaleb explores the customs and traditions of the Guild, who seem to lead a whimsical and cheery existence full of revelries and fun. As his life becomes consumed by his new friend, Kaleb discovers the Guild has become much darker than his ancestors could have ever dreamed. Now ruled by a power-hungry queen, the civilization is being thrown deeper and deeper into turmoil, threatening to not only tear apart the Guild, but quite possibly destroy the humans they live among.

As Kaleb and Shieldling try to find a way to restore the balance of the Guild, they must deal with the increasing threats from Fairuza and her followers . . . as well as some unexpected romantic entanglements of their own.