Getting Sync'd

General Fiction, Humor, Romance

By Stephen Blanchard

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ABOUT Stephen Blanchard

Stephen Blanchard
I'm a writer with previous history in everything from travel magazines to film & TV scripts. My first novel, "Getting Sync'd" has recently been published. I am also a broadcaster with several years experience in commercial radio. 



Dan Shears has a life any other bloke would be jealous of; he's a famous DJ on a national London radio station, he has a burgeoning TV career, he's regularly linked to a string of desirable women...and yet, Dan just isn't happy. He finds his dream job boring, he has a sneaking suspicion his TV career will be over as quickly as one of his now infamous one-night-stands, and ever since he broke up with glamour model Suzy Ryder his love-life is just an unmitigated disaster. 

To try and get his life in some sort of order, he decides to accept an invitation to a wedding party, which also looks to be a reunion of past university friends in his home town of Bournemouth. There he hopes to get reacquainted with faces from the past, including his one-time best friend and DJ partner Max. And maybe he'll bump in to his university ex Rita – the one person he thinks can answer the question everyone, including him is asking: “What's going on with Dan Shears?”

So, I was once a radio DJ (although not the filth-monger type you see at the start of the book!) and there was talk of a university reunion, which I dreaded. I never went, but I got to thinking "what if?". So I sent Dan Shears off on his reunion...

"I always like to give new authors a chance and I purchased this book in preparation for my first holiday since giving birth. I wanted something that was a page turner and that would give me the "feel good" factor after reading a good book. This is exactly what it delivers. S P Blanchard has made the characters likeable and identifiable and the story has twists and surprises unlike a typical holiday read. I think it may appeal more to the "blokes" but as a female it is quite nice to know there are no surprises with what they think about! If I were to describe it, I would say it is a male rom-com along the lines of other authors such as Matt Dunn, Mike Gayle and Nick Hornby. A must-read!" - Dr.K

"This is not the normal type of book I go for as I'm more of a blood, murder, sci fi kind of person. However I thought that maybe I should try something a bit lighter for my holiday reading and downloaded 'Getting Sync'd' onto my kindle. It was perfect poolside reading. The characters are realistic, and being from a media back ground know this to be true! As the previous reviewer pointed out it is a rom-com but from a male perspective. If you're not into 'fluffy' books and want to try something a bit different I'd recommend trying this." - Ann Kendrick

"First off let me say this is a really good book! It was recommended to me by a friend and didn't disapoint. The plot itself is nothing new - it's basically a reunion story mixed together with a hint of early mid-life crisis. The kind of things that have been seen before in other male-rom-com stories. But this story has an individual humour, is laced with witty dialogue from believable, fallable characters which keep you engaged and wanting to know more. It's also not as straight-forward as you would expect, with some surprising twists and turns keeping the story even more realistic. 
The ending is a typically happy one but there are so many open endings that make you want to know more. I do wonder if any follow-up book will resolve these loose ends!?
An excellent read which I would, and indeed have recommended to others. Well done!" - Jim