Pretty Flamingo

ABOUT Perry Martin

Perry Martin
I am a musician turned author.  Over the years I've worked with or been the supporting act for the Bee Gees, Ambrosia, Little River Band, Lonestar and country legend Lefty Frizzell - - among others.

As a teenager I toured the length and breadth of South Vietnam with country ban More...


“Pretty Flamingo” is the remarkable first novel from author and musician Perry Martin.  Set largely in Australia in the late 1960’s it is a dramatic, mystery/ love story, inspired by actual events, that will intrigue and involve you with it’s unforgettable characters.  You’ll be taken on an emotional  journey with David Perry, the central character,  as he unlocks the mystery of a part of his past he never knew existed – - – a past that’s been hidden from him for thirty-five years.   As the lost memories unfold David discovers a love so powerful it transcended the purely physical; a loss so devastating that it changed his whole life.   And a promise that, if he can keep it, will return to him all that he cared most about in the whole world.

The idea for this book came from some of my experiences as a teenager living in Australia and playing music in Vietnam, Hong Kong and South East Asia. I was reminiscing one day and was having a hard time recalling a particular time period and thought it might be interesting to write a novel around the idea of someone encountering a completely blank, 6-month period of their teenage life and wondering what could have happened at that time and why it had been blocked out.

"Before I read Perry Martin's novel Pretty Flamingo, I was aware from the book trailer ([...]) that the plot centered and thickened around protagonist David Perry's gradual recall of a traumatic event in his life. What I couldn't have expected was how shattering the memory was -- so shattering that David Perry kept it deep within the hallows of his unconscious for 35 years. But that's not what made this book an incredible read for me. What thrilled me was the way the author drew out the memory like a slow-moving roll of carpet -- a recall here, a slice of memory there, increasingly larger pieces as he went on. I've reviewed a lot of books over the years for newspapers and magazines, and it takes masterful narrative skill to pull this off in a way that perfectly replicates the human mind. As for the rest of the book? It's a page turner with strong storytelling with a delightful Australian flair, great lead characters you won't soon forget, and a plot line that gets more and more taut as the story progresses.You want to thrill yourself with a book that's going to go places once the word gets out? Pick up Pretty Flamingo. And enjoy an adventurous dual ride in the landscapes of Australia and Orange County, Calif. -- and the inner recesses of memory, delivered as only an Australian who once played music for the troops in Vietnam could give you.PRETTY FLAMINGORobert Y.


"I just finished reading the final chapter of your book. with tears running down my face...OH MY GOD!! I can honestly say that I have never read a book that has touched me as much as this one has. It truly brought out just about every emotion I think I have in my body. I could not put it down. Just when I thought I would finish a chapter and go to bed, it was like a cliffhanger, I just had to force myself to keep reading on to see what happens next."   Yvette R.

"Superbly written, 'Pretty Flamingo' is a compelling account of friendship, love, romance, passion, tragedy, heartbreak, hope, betrayal, and redemption. The reader becomes intimately involved with the characters; sharing the sorrow, tears, joy, laughter, and unconditional love. A must read!!!"  Rosey W.

"Fantastic! Really powerful writing and good story / concept!"   Ric H.

"I highly recommend this wonderfully uplifting book. If you've ever had doubts that our souls live on then this is the true tale to digest for reassurance that we shall indeed see our loved ones time and time again, but we must have great patience. Don't expect fluffy romance throughout. It includes dark periods of great sadness, betrayal and loss; atrocious treatment by the medical profession; and a profound sense by the protagonist that all is not as it should be. In the end, however, you will be a happier person for having read this amazing book. A truly remarkable, unforgettable story.”  Karen B.

Wow! Magnificent! What a great story! 'Pretty Flamingo' is destined to be a best-seller and sure to be made into a blockbuster feature-length film! Due to my busy schedule as a pro musician, I don't get a chance to read many books. Once I started this book, I couldn't put it down! It is a compelling story that has many ups & downs and will keep you on the edge of your seat. The ending is perfect." Bill K.

"Awesome! I just finished reading it. Amazing story. I laughed, I cried. Perry, please write more!! Loved it!!!"  
Judy C.

OMG! OMG! I couldn’t stop reading or thinking about this story. I would stop reading for a little while but I was having a hard time not being in the story. I was literally immersed in the book!”   Tammy W.

" 'Pretty Flamingo' is a riveting, passionate, sometimes shocking story of true love, tragedy and, ultimately, hope.”   Barbara L.

I loved this book! I became so immersed in the story and its characters that I couldn’t put it down!”   Desiree L.

This haunting love story will break your heart and then put it back together again.”   Sandy H.

"Love this book and the roller-coaster of emotions it takes you on. Even when you have to put the book down, the story stays in your mind until you pick it back up again. "  Carol W. 

"Great book! I was into the story from the first page and couldn't put it down!"   Clayton H.

"Perry Martin's first novel 'Pretty Flamingo' is a thought provoking story of love's healing power and understanding. I found myself flying thru the pages experiencing the joy of first love, enduring the sorrow of profound loss and finding renewed hope in trusting the unseen."  Ruth K.

"Absolutely amazing story telling. Intriguing and sure to get you hooked from the start. Perry Martin is a must-read author for me now."  Regina

"Just finished 'Pretty Flamingo' by Perry Martin. Great! A very original story (for a welcome change!).  It made me think, feel and even cry (and I don't cry easily!).  For anyone who has a little imagination, likes excitement, adventure, and romance, you'll like this.  Howard G.

"Beautiful love story with good character development and good triumphing over evil.  Very thought provoking concerning trust issues in personal relationships and potential abuse of power in the medical field.  Nice method of using flashbacks to transition between the past and present.  The book was very spellbinding.  Great job!"  Erica G.

"An excellent book... so easy to read, and very hard to put down. Written right from the heart. Well done."  Lyn

"I really enjoyed this gripping book. It is a love story with a mysterious twist. It makes you feel warm and fuzzy. Then it makes you cry. You go through so many different emotions and wonder where it's leading. Looking forward to his next book. He has a great way with words!"   GMR

The storyline in 'Pretty Flamingo' is quite unique and spellbinding. Once I was into it I didn't want to put it down but at the same time I tried to stretch it out because I really didn't want it to end! I found that I became so immersed in the story that I was emotionally involved.   Bridget S.