The Widow's Walk League

The Widow's Walk League

ABOUT Nancy Lynn Jarvis

Nancy Lynn Jarvis
Nancy Lynn Jarvis was a Santa Cruz, California, Realtor® for more than twenty years. She still owns a real estate company with her husband, but she says writing is so much fun that she has officially retired from being an active agent. After earning a BA in behavioral science from San Jo More...



Santa Cruz husbands are being murdered.  The local news media is buzzing because a dark-clad figure witnesses describe as Death has been seen lurking nearby each time a murder is committed.

 When new widows start hiring real estate agent Regan McHenry to sell their houses, she discovers all the murdered men have something in common: their wives belong to a walking group called The Widow’s Walk League.  

No wonder Regan is worried when the group’s leader starts paying special attention to her husband, Tom.