ABOUT Susan MacQuoid

Susan MacQuoid
I am the author of the dark and edgy Young Adult Paranormal series Dead, Sweet Boy; a donkey farmer and reluctant ghost hunter.



Sunny McKay, is a seventeen year old girl who has developed an unusual tick that stems from not facing difficult feelings. When she’s in a tight emotional spot, she hears music that correlates to her feelings, and can’t stop singing along.

She loses her best friend Mack, to a dark change that leads to his suicide. Blinded by confusion, anger and the darkness that took Mack’s life, Sunny blames Mack’s girlfriend for his death and burns down her house. She spends six months in a correctional home for teens, and goes home to find out that her dead friend has been waiting for her to return. When she realizes she is being haunted, Sunny goes with friends and a ghost hunting team to Mack’s grave. Instead of contacting Mack, they come face to face with the evil that tormented Mack.

Sunny is in a near fatal accident while trying to flee the graveyard. She is left in a coma with only a short time to make it back. An angel helps her back from the coma realm, and Sunny wakes knowing the angel needs her help.

Years ago my father was in a coma and labled brain-dead. He came back... Dead, Sweet Boy takes a look at the coma realm and what can happen when spirits, angels and demons influence a souls decision to come back. When the rules are broken that realm joins our realm.