The Bond

General Fiction, Romance, Young Adult

By Lynda May

Publisher : Dog Ear Publishing

The Bond

ABOUT Lynda May

Lynda May
I was born and raised in New Jersey.  After many years, I decided to tell my story hoping to make the generation of today, especially politicians, know how important it is for the women to have a choice in pregnancy and birth. I am prochoice and believe that no one should control what More...



A suspenseful story of a young, confused, pregnant girl and the only choice she was forced to make at a very early age.  Giving her baby up for adoption changed her life forever.  As the years passed, she could not stop thinking about her son out there somewhere, and what she had missed out on in life. If only she would have been given a choice.

The Bond tells an emotional story of a young, confused and pregnant teenager back in the sixties and how it affected her and her family. She was forced to give her child up for adoption. The years would pass and she would remain childless but more determined than ever to find her son.

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