Love Me Tender

ABOUT C. L. Leon

C. L. Leon
C.L. Leon is a Christian, wife and mother. She started writing poems and stories at the age of six. She has just recently published her first book titled "Love Me Tender", which is a true story.C.L. writes inspirational books that helps women to deal with life's issues. 


Sydney Bishop had loved only one man in her life, or so she thought. She had met Henry at the young age of eighteen and he was already twice her age then. They had a son together, but when she had told him about her pregnancy, he had just left her without any explanation at all. He had used her and now he had discarded her like she was an old piece of rag. She had built a fortress around her then and had sworn that she would never love again or let another man get too close to her. She felt she had been hurt one too many times. But now, years after Henry had destroyed her self esteem, she had met Eric Jordan. He was the complete opposite of Henry and he had shown her his love and gentleness from day one. He had managed to break down her walls and now she was married to him. But can she ever love him as much as she had loved Henry? Can she ever forget Henry and look forward to a bright future with her husband? Or will the love she still feel for Henry finally destroy her marriage?

The true story of a couple who cheated death while they where being attacked by supernatural, mysterious and invisible forces. Will their love and marriage survive the attacks or will they separate and each go their own way?