Ten Thoughts About Love


By Orna Ross

Publisher : Font Publications

ABOUT Orna Ross

Orna Ross
Orna writes fiction, poems and creative nonfiction. She has enjoyed publication by Attic Press and Penguin as well as independent self-publication. She is founder of The Alliance of Independent Authors



From the cushions in a suburban front room, to a woman surviving the aftermath of genocide, this first collection of poetry from an acclaimed and bestselling novelist aims straight at the heart of what it is to know love.

I'd been a writer for twenty years but hadn't written poetry since Sr Mary at my convent school rapped my knuckles - literally, with a ruler - for putting a 'bad' word in my epic effort about a doomed love affair between a highwayman and his barmaid sweetheart. Then, in my forties a dear childhood friend died and serious illness came into my own life. And suddenly, without intending it, the poems too arrived.