The Rand Principle

Mystery & Thrillers

By Jack Thompson

Publisher : Crackerjack Publishing

ABOUT Jack Thompson

Jack Thompson
    Jack Thompson is an international bestselling author, finding voices in many genres. His latest release is Swimming Upstream, the third book in the bestselling Raja Williams mystery series. He has also written political thrillers, science fiction, paranormal romance, children's stori More...



It's open season on Leeland Rand when his own government targets him for elimination. Is he a deadly killer, or a pawn in a game of cat and mouse? Or both?
A mysterious stranger warns Rand to run or die, but where do you go when you are public enemy number one? The full resources of the U.S. government are brought to bear against Rand, including the U.S. Marshal Service's top fugitive tracker Jonathan Lord. Rand follows the clues he is given on desperate hunt for the truth. Will he uncover whoever has targeted him for termination before Lord can find and kill him?
Think Jason Bourne and The Fugitive, and enjoy this political thriller. Great characters and interaction.

From Book Buyers:
"The opening scene knocked me flat and had me hooked. The story continued at a great pace and kept my interest the entire way. Great characters and I loved the ending. It was a very satisfying read. I highly recommend it."

"Well-written and a story that really grabs you. It surprised me because just when I thought it was going to be one long chase, the author opened up and gave surprising and exciting depth (and extranormal abilities) to the main characters. I'd like to see a sequel!"

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