Pilgrim of the Sky

Science Fiction & Fantasy

By Natania Barron

Publisher : Candlemark & Gleam

ABOUT Natania Barron

Natania Barron
Natania Barron has been traveling to other worlds from a very young age, and will be forever indebted to Lucy Pevensie and Meg Murry for inspiring her to go on her own adventures. She currently resides in North Carolina with her family, and is, at heart, a hobbit--albeit it one with a



Just when Maddie Angler thinks she's over the death of her longtime boyfriend, Alvin, she discovers that he's not only alive, but he may just be part god. And a killer. Now it's up to her to unite Eight Worlds she didn't even know existed in the first place, before chaos reigns.
"... a lush, dreamy fable - both vintage gothic, and modern mystery ... lovingly laced with magic and darkness from start to finish." -- Cherie Priest, NYT bestselling author of Boneshaker

"Barron's book is a sexy trek through alternate worlds, with a fascinating and detailed mythology. This one is a steampunk tale that doesn't play by the rules." -- Mur Lafferty, award-winning author and podcaster of Heaven and Hell

"A brilliant, eloquent adventure through time, space, and the human heart." -- Jonathan Wood, author of No Hero