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Rollan McCleary
Rollan McCleary was born in London,  England. He has lived in France, Mexico and Hong Kong working in either teaching or media. He now lives in Queensland, Australia, where he is a citizen. He holds a doctorate in Religious Studies from QueenslandUniversity and is a published author in ma More...



Suspect as a concept to unbelievers, in Christianity “God the Father” is much of the time reverently ignored in favour of God the Son. How and why has this come about? And faced with the problem of human suffering and doctrines like  those of hell should we even believe in and address God as Father today. If we assume he exists, what is he like?

These are some of the questions this book asks and answers in original ways  combining elements of autobiography and claims to revelation with unusually objective questioning at the intellectual level. There are also examinations of the ideas of leading modern writers on God from God’s would-be biographer, Jack Miles, to New Age guru, Deepak Chopra who advises people how to “know” God. The history of western mysticism and philosophy with its frequent alienation from personal deity is also considered before a final chapter which offers practical guidelines on how to understand, see and approach God today.