ABOUT Charlotte E. English

Charlotte E. English
Charlotte writes fantasy/science fiction stories which blend eccentric world-building, mystery, romance and humour. Born and raised in England, she now lives in the Netherlands with her partner and two mildly demonic cats. She’s also an avid reader, text gamer, seamstress and cook.


The long-vanished draykon race has been restored to the Seven Realms, and the mystery of the istore stone is resolved. But Lady Eva Glostrum returns to Glour City with many questions unanswered. Who are the enigmatic sorcerers who woke the draykon? Their powers are beyond anything she has ever known. With one dead and one vanished - literally - Eva has little to go on save a book taken from a mysterious tower in the Lowers, its cover marked with the strange word "Lokant."


Llandry Sanfaer is anxious to learn more about the glorious draykoni, whose story is so inexplicably bound up with her own. But when she brings another draykon back from the Long Sleep, she finds she has made a grave mistake. Worse, a white-haired sorcerer with a talent for mind control is stalking her across the Worlds...


As war builds between humankind and draykoni, Eva must uncover the identities of the sinister white-haired practitioners - and come to terms with the truth of her own heritage.


And Llandry must learn why she appears to be their primary target...


Lokant is a full-length novel of 98,000 words (approx. 390 pages). It is the second book in the Draykon Series.

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