Walking K

Mystery & Thrillers

By Wes Demott

Publisher : Admiral House Publishing

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wes demott
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DeMott, a former FBI Agent, analyzed intelligence documents, Nixon’s White House tapes, Congressional Records, and interviews with commanding officers of Prisoners of War in researching WALKING K, the tragic story of a reluctant conspiracy lumbered upon the shoulders of each U.S. President since 1975. Crosscutting between dramatic battlefield scenes, heartbreaking torture, American businesses protecting their investments, and a continuing refusal by the White House to reveal the shameful truth, the emotional ending of this political thriller sadly shows why the United States Government stopped wanting the lost men of that war to come home, and perhaps sheds light on the government’s attitude toward the POW classification in wars since Vietnam. 

Walking K is that strange and rare thriller that will rip out your heart, bring you to tears, and make you angry enough to cuss at your mother. A well-researched revelation of the reasons behind America's abandonment of servicemen left behind inSoutheast Asia, you'll read Walking K and understand why it was both necessary and despicable, and possible to happen again.

What people are saying about 'Walking K':

DeMott not only writes well, he writes with passion and conviction.”  ―Nelson DeMille, Author of Up Country


"DeMott, a former FBI agent, writes movingly of ex-POW's struggle with wartime horrors." - Publishers Weekly


“A writer to be watched!”  --Atlanta Journal-Constitution 


“A good piece of work”- Sydney Schanberg, The Death and Life of Dith Pran (1980), The Killing Fields: The Facts Behind The Film (1984)


“Tightly plotted without the sacrifice of vivid characters and emotional depth. While double-timing us through the narrative at the pace of a S.W.A.T. raid, Wes DeMott never allows us to lose sight of his basic truth: that happiness and tranquility are often bought by horror and sacrifice. Walking K is a novel stamped with intelligence, humanity and courage.” – Sterling Watson, Deadly Sweet


“If you’re patriotic enough to get goose bumps when ‘The Star Spangled Banner’ plays, you’ll love Wes DeMott’s debut novel, Walking K. DeMott combines exquisite action and heart-stopping suspense to create an indefatigable hero (...) the characters are credible and so well-developed that readers may even hear anxious gasps of breath when protagonist Jacob Slaughter is repeatedly faced with life-and-death decisions.” – Naples Daily News

Walking K  is a fast-paced and engrossing read. It hits the ground running, with a plot which engages the reader from the first paragraph. The subject is both fascinating and disturbing, addressing a myriad of unresolved issues from a difficult period in our nation’s history. I thoroughly enjoyed Mr. DeMott’s book and look forward to the next.” – Larry E. Craig, U.S. Senator


“An exciting climax and conclusion” – The Virginian-Pilot

“Walking K generates a lot of goose bumps” – Orlando Star Advocate


“Walking K is a thriller I literally could not put down. I read it in one sitting!” – Carol Hrdlicka, wife of David Hrdlicka, a known POW who has not returned.


“DeMott’s debut novel, Walking K, is a political thriller similar to John Grisham’s novels – it is packed with action and just enough reality to give the reader goose-bumps” – The Daily News


“DeMott may have found the correct path for informing America of its abandoned soldiers-something the truth alone has failed to do.” – Col. Ted Guy (Ret.), POW captured in Laos, and cmdr of all POWs captured in Laos, Cambodia and South Vietnam.


(Walking K) … sheds powerful light on the motivations of U.S. Government officials who are tasked to deal wit the explosive POW/MIA issue in Indochina”- J.Thomas Burch, Jr., Chairman, National Vietnam & Gulf War Veterans Coalition


“Walking K brings focus on America’s greatest tragedy: The abandonment of our POWs’- Capt. Eugene “Red” McDaniel, USN (ret.), six years Vietnam POW


“Walking K, based on a 1992 plea from live POWs in SE Asia, masterfully disguises fact as fiction while documenting the tragic truth of real POWs”- Col. Earl P. Hopper (ret.), Vice-Chairman, Task Force Omega


“I read Walking K with a mixture of tears and outrage” – Sun Journal


“This book is a real treat, a thrilling well written novel about a subject dear to all combat vets. An intriguing plot with all the twists and turns to keep you riveted”-United News Service


“A fantastic book” – KVEN radio


“Absolutely, a must read” – Ken Lindbloom, KCMX Radio


“Packed with C-4 and wrapped in detonation cord” – Ray Truelove, Recon Report


“A poignant story of love and honor. A great read!” – Barbara Black, Walking K (screenwriter)


Hard-as-nails hero makes great reading, By Art Tirrell, author.