Amazing Drawings by Janice Wells

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By Karen Monteverdi

Publisher : CreateSpace

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Amazing Drawings by Janice
From Karen Monteverdi (republished from article June 6, 2011)
Did you hear about the Susan Boyle story? A woman with amazing talent, seemingly coming out of no where to inspire a whole generation of artists.

In this article meet Janice, briefly read about her struggle and how she found peace of mind. Read about the lengths that she is willing to go to keep her peace of mind.

Take away from this article:

Don’t keep you talent hidden. Share your light with others to move them into action. How do you inspire energy, love and light?

Let me tell you about Janice Wells.

Janice was born with a piece of skin over her stomach.  By the time the doctors discovered the problem, a simple procedure saved her life. However, she was severely brain damaged due to malnutrition and dehydration.

Janice work for The ARC. The ARC advocates for, supports and serves children and adults with intellectual or developmental disabilities and their families. About 15-years ago Janice was forced to retire due to emotional and mental disturbances.

Janice struggled all of her life with emotional illness and physical difficulties. Now in her 60′s she is able to live by herself and she has peace in her mind and heart.

She found her peace through art. Through art she expresses her joy, sadness, and life. She said it helps her keep her sanity. Janice now lives on social security and gives her art away freely to anyone who shows an interest. read more at

Janice had traveled 150 miles, three and half hours on the bus to bring me the drawings for her book. I was overtaken with such emotional awe when we sat with over 200 drawings on my coffee table. I sat there with my mouth hanging open listening to ever word she said. The journey, the art, the inspiration she offered others.

These Drawings are Amazing!