The Fund

Mystery & Thrillers

By Wes Demott

Publisher : Admiral House Publishing

ABOUT Wes Demott

wes demott
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I am the author of 6 published books, with a 7th on the way. One book, first published as hardcover under the title "Vapors", found its way in paperback a More...


(VAPORS in hardcover) –While trying to save his contract for a tactical weapons system, aerospace engineer Peter Jamison uncovers a crime of corruption, power and violence that draws him into a deadly game he cannot win but still chooses to fight – any way he can and at whatever cost. This thriller was an international best-seller and IPPY Gold Medal Award Recipient for Best Fiction. It has been translated into several languages and is still very popular in Eastern Europe.


How deep does the government conspiracy go? Who's in charge and how many more will die? Aerospace engineer Peter Jamison is determined to find out.

I say with enormous humility that The Fund will probably sell forever, and I'm backed up by the fact that this updated version marks the thirteenth year that readers have enjoyed being taken on this exciting, unpredictable ride. At my launch party for the hardcover edition of this novel (Vapors) at Barnes and Nobles, with Robert Ludlum there to offer his support, I casually said, "I'm warning you right now that I'll give you lots of clear clues as to who's the bad guy in this novel, but you'll totally miss it and then be amazed that you did." I'm still saying that and readers are still missing it. What makes that significant is that I don't come up with new facts or characters at the end, but present overwhelming evidence throughout the story that you, the reader, chooses to ignore. Tricky stuff and hard to do, but satisfying for both of us.

On 'VAPORS' (hardcover)- republished under 'THE FUND' (paperback, audiobook, e-book)


“Vapors is one of those rare novels that transcends its genre. This is far more than a great thriller or a good love story.” – Nelson Demille, New York Times Bestselling author, The Charm School, and Plum Island


A former FBI agent and SWAT team member, the author is able to combine first-hand, insider experience with a natural storytelling talent to create the thriller of the year. - Sleuth of Baker Street, Bookstore, Canada



Near the novel's end, the story shifts gears with unexpected plot twists and a major, clever character shift, opening up many intriguing and fresh new perspective...ending with a flourish as a stylized, turn-on-a-dime crime story where the lines between love, murder and espionage are deftly blurred. - Publishers Weekly


It's about corruption in high places, it’s about the FBI, it’s about undying love, but most of all it's about people shooting other people - Kirkus Reviews


"Insightful and thought provoking, DeMott's latest novel is a suspenseful thriller that kept me turning the pages. Outstanding! " - Larry Craig, U.S. Senator



“Vapors captures the constriction and claustrophobia within the F.B.I., the conformity, paranoia, and competition and how all these play out against the possibility that an agent might turn a corner any day and see people shooting at him. Vapors has that nailed down, that strange combination of bureaucratic bullshit and violence.” – Sterling Watson, Deadly Sweet


Vapors is a great crossover book which will appeal to both men and women. I enjoyed every minute that I read this book. I loved it.” – Tracy Vidakovich, Barnes and Noble, District Manager


“Wes DeMott’s new book Vapors … takes readers on a fast and frenetic E-ticket thrill-ride where identities, motives, and relationships are vaporous and elusive. The non-stop action packs a visceral punch.” – Bill Evans, Barnes and Noble Community Relations Coordinator 


“I just had to write to tell you how much I loved Vapors…I loved all the twists and turns especially the ending…the store’s whole staff is lining up to read it.” – Michelle Remain, B. Dalton, Store Manager 


“Wes DeMott is an exciting writer on the verge of great things”. – Kelle Ruden, Manager and Editor, Barnes and Noble Discover Great New Writers



The 'Full Monty' rating by a reader : feomante

The action is fast paced and the suspense builds with several plot twists along the way. This book kept me on the edge of my seat and on my intellectual toes. The final plot twist is woven smoothly enough that I did not see it coming – a rare treat for an avid reader like me.  

Since this novel deals with a lot of government and F.B.I. related topics, Demott’s real life experience as an F.B.I. agent brings a level of realism to the narrative that draws the reader in deep.

 I give THE FUND the full monty – 5 Bookwyrms- and a high recommendation to anyone who enjoys a good thriller. I look forward to reading more of Demott’s work. If THE FUND is any indication, I think Demott is destined to become one of the top names in the thriller genre.


Frank Troncale, Herald Tribune, Sarasota FL

'Take along a good book' ...

In the excitement of preparing for your vacation, don’t forget one of the most important things to make your relaxation just right – “That perfect book”.

Vapors, the new one by Florida author and former FBI agent Wes DeMott, is a political thriller wrapped around government corruption and the perverse incentives of Washington politics. But at its core, Vapors, a leave-you-breathless-covered-with-goose-bumps thriller, is a love story.



By a reader:
This book will leave you breathless- covered with goose-bumps- political thriller at it's core, really an intense love story & is sure to appeal as equally to women as it does to men. (



By an customer

A Non-Stop Thrillride
A great story with very well developed lead characters. Got me hooked after the first few pages. Wes is a great writer with what appears to be some very good inside information, a la Tom Clancy. This book would make a great movie.



Author Wes Demott (a former FBI agent) has put more twists and turns into the plot than you'd find in the Chartres labyrinth. It holds your attention from the first page, and the ending is completely unexpected. Recommended for fans of espionage novels. – Sharon Cathcart,



I usually can’t afford the time for fictional thrillers, but this one was worth it. It felt like a prequel to the Bourne Identity - Nathan Brown,



Riveting, high-voltage “Vapors” returns former FBI agent to turf – George Hebert, former editor of the Ledge Star.