Dividing Tides

Mystery & Thrillers

By Sue York

Publisher : Lulu and Sue York

ABOUT Sue York

Sue York
Sue York is a long-time resident of Baraboo, Wisconsin. She lives there with Roger, her husband of 8 years and her 3 children. This is her first book, stemming from a vivid dream that the excitement grew for the making of this book.



When life seems so very simple and set, all it takes is one email to mess it up. That is what happened to Basil Adair. She clicks on the email and from there sets her in a tail spin of mystery of what these emails are about. Her life becomes endangered and she wakes one

day not knowing who she is or where she is. Each day from there is a new day with trials of remembering her past. Slowly her memories lash out during her sleep. Her most vivid dreams or memories arrive all at once. She remembers what the emails are about and who sent

them, who murdered the girl and who she is. Basil Adair,  architect, wife, friend.