Blood Shattered

ABOUT Alice Catherine Sneyd

Alice Catherine Sneyd
Alice Catherine Sneyd is a mother/daughter writing team. Together we write young adult paranormal fiction about vampires and other creepy stuff. See us and other great books at our publisher



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Moving to a new high school to complete her senior year was not what Aimee would have chosen. But after her mother's attempted suicide, Aimee and her younger brother must shift across town and share a matchbox-sized condo with their aunt - while trying not to drive each other crazy.

At her new high school, Aimee is immediately befriended by Claire. But this pale and quiet girl seems to be withholding something from Aimee - and it is undoubtedly to do with her boyfriend Leo, the most gorgeous guy Aimee has ever seen with an uncanny ability to get inside her head.

With the sudden and mysterious death of Claire, Aimee is pulled into a war between Leo and Claire's grieving brother. Whilst Leo becomes more and more obsessed with Aimee with every passing day, Claire's brother becomes hell bent on keeping Aimee away from him.

Aimee is torn between the two of them. If Leo is indeed dangerous, she risks being thrown into a world that she never knew existed, where her life will never be the same again.

I LOVE this book, I read it in 3 days, I wish there was a part two (anonymous reviewer on Amazon)