Last Of The Good Guys

Mystery & Thrillers

By Mark Irwin

Publisher : Impress Press

ABOUT Mark Irwin

Mark Irwin
University graduate who travelled, lived and worked in many parts of the world. Ship salvage in southeastern Texas was one of those sojourns.  The book, 'Last Of the Good Guys' is based on those experiences. 

When not travelling I have taught at various colleges throughout Ca More...


Murder, shipwrecks, running from the law and a beautiful woman.  This is the world of Bobby Rafferty.

Bobby Rafferty has escaped custody and fled to a safe haven in Mexico.  Onced there, he finds work with unscrupulous marine salvagers and unwittingly becomes an accomplice to the murder of a Lloyds ship inspector.

He is left for dead but survives and returns to seek revenge as well as the monies owed to him.  During his pursuit of a psychotic named Howie Morgan he finds himself inadvertenty paired with a beautiful woman, Rachel, who has come seeking justice for her brother, the murdered inspector.

In their search for the dangerous and bizarre Howie Morgan Rachel and Bobby team up with a cast of unsavory and fascinating characters,

This fast-paced thriller culminating in the sultry sun baked Texan coast is a remarkable debut novel by Mark Irwin 
I’ve read your stuff and I like it. Keep it up. Keep it up - John Bosford

Chapter 14 struck a chord with me.  There was something about it that touched a resonance inside me. I've never been to sea or in a storm.  But I was there that night.  Something special about this author.  - Tom Jenkins

It was a fast read, wasted no time on the trivia one sees in so much writing.  Tha characters were unusual and each new one added his/her own personality.  There are some sick people in this book.  Howie Morgan is unforgettable as just such a sicko. - Bill Monahagn

If you like a book that just keeps growing as you read.  This is it.  Jonathon Trowes