The Ezekiel Code

Mystery & Thrillers

By Gary Val Tenuta

Publisher : Outskirts Press

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Gary Val Tenuta
Gary Val Tenuta is a freelance writer, illustrator and book cover artist. His illustrations and articles dealing with the UFO phenomenon and other subjects in the paranormal realm have been published in Fate Magazine in the U.S. and Beyond Magazine in the U.K.

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It's all here in one puzzling page-turner of a novel: conspiracy, codes, secret societies, ancient mysteries, the prophetic Mayan calendar end-date of 2012, alternative interpretations of Biblical events, mystifying metaphysics, good guys, bad guys, murder most foul and, yes, even a touch of romance. All of this, and more, is intricately woven into the multifaceted storyline of THE EZEKIEL CODE.

Gary Val Tenuta - former contributing writer for Fate Magazine (U.S.) and Beyond Magazine (U.K.) and a guest on numerous radio programs (including Dreamland, hosted by best selling author Whitley Strieber and The X-Zone hosted by Rob McConnell) - has crafted an exciting mystery novel with an esoteric edge that may upset certain segments of the population while at the same time enthralling others with it's alternative perspective on reality and its vision for the future.

From its cliff-hanger prologue to its dramatic climax, THE EZEKIEL CODE is a skillful blend of fact and fiction with likable, vividly developed characters:

Zeke Banyon is a handsome Catholic seminary dropout who now runs a homeless shelter in Seattle's old waterfront district and Angela Ann Martin is an attractive young widow who just wants a simple part-time job at the shelter. But a single twist of fate turns their simple lives upside down when together they stumble onto a mysterious code and a rumor about a lost scroll penned by the prophet, Ezekiel, thousands of years ago. They soon find themselves thrust deep into a world of secret societies, metaphysics, mystery and murder as they jet across continents in a race to understand the code that will lead them to an ancient artifact of profound importance. Dodging rogue Jesuit priests at every turn and unaware that the Illuminati are ever-present in the shadows, Zeke and Angela soon discover it's not just their own lives that are in danger but also the lives of everyone on the planet.

Is Zeke Banyon the Chosen One of an obscure ancient prophecy? And if so, can he successfully accomplish the mission fate has in store for him? Nothing in seminary school could ever have prepared him for this.

2012 is coming...The clock is ticking…The code must be deciphered… and only one man can save the planet... If he can just figure out how... before it's too late.

"Entertaining and enlightening. A course in high strangeness."
–– Jay Weidner, documentary producer and co-author of Mysteries of the Great Cross of Hendaye

"High-concept fiction. An unforgettable book."
–– Rai Aren, co-author of Secret of the Sands

"I have read it twice and thinking about a third time.
There aren't many books I read more than once. For me it had the WOW factor."

–– L. Sue Durkin, author of Life is Like Making Chocolate Chip Cookies

"An impressive feat."
–– Peter A. Gersten, editor, PAG eNews

"Highly Recommended!"
–– Michael Tsarion, internationally renown divination scholar, author and lecturer

THE EZEKIEL CODE, an EVVY Award nominee, is available now.

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The Ezekiel Code
By Gary Val Tenuta
ISBN: 978-1-4327-0650-0
676-Page Paperback (6x9)
Published by Outskirts Press (
Contact the author:

The seed that eventually grew to become The Ezekiel Code was actually planted many years prior to having any notion of writing a novel.

Back in the late 60s I decided to read the Bible from cover to cover. Interestingly, having had an interest in the UFO phenomenon since the age of about 12, some of the passages in the Bible struck me as being somewhat similar to reports I'd read about UFO sightings. I first noticed it in the story of the Israelite's long journey through the desert. They followed a "pillar of cloud by day" and a "pillar of fire by night". That struck me as a rather curious phenomenon. Added to that was the Ark of the Covenant which functioned to somehow serve as a communication device between "God" and Moses, the leader of this band of wandering Jews. I wondered, could the Ark be some sort of a wireless communication technology so "God" (or whatever it was!) could talk to Moses from his "ship", the pillar of cloud by day, lit up at night? Then in the book of Numbers this "cloud" that carried "God" actually landed on the ground. Then there was Elijah who was "taken up" in a "whirlwind". It was becoming curiouser and curiouser. Then came the hammer that hit me on the head. It was the book of Ezekiel. His descriptions of the object that came down from the sky seemed much too mechanical to be anything of an ethereal nature. His incredibly detailed descriptions seemed to me like the way someone of his time, with a priestly background and absolutely no knowledge of advanced technology (beyond a cart pulled by a donkey), would describe a technological craft.

Some years later I discovered a book called The Spaceships of Ezekiel written by a former NASA contract engineer by the name of Joseph Blumrich. His son had noticed the same things about Ezekiel's descriptions that I had noticed and, knowing the nature of his father's work with NASA, he told his father about it. Blumrich didn't believe it at first but the more he studied it the more intrigued he became. The book is his professional analysis of what it was that Ezekiel may actually have encountered. After reading that book I was left with not a shred of doubt that Ezekiel had experienced what we now call a Close Encounter of the Fourth Kind.

Fast forward to sometime in the mid-90s:

My friend, Julie, and I were sitting in an all-night diner at about 2 o'clock in the morning and the conversation drifted into the UFO phenomenon. Once again, this idea about Ezekiel came to mind and I told Julie about it. I mentioned that the idea would make a great theme for a movie by someone like Spielberg or Lucas. The more I thought about it the more I liked the idea but I knew I had no way of getting the idea to either of those guys. Then it hit me. Why don't I write a novel based on this idea? I was all ready half way through the writing of another sci-fi novel at the time but this idea struck me as so extraordinary that I immediately shelved the other novel and began sketching out ideas for this new one which, at the time, had a working title of Ezekiel's Wheels. So how and why did it change from Ezekiel's Wheels to The Ezekiel Code? That was a two-part process.

Part-1 of the process:

At about the time I started working on the book I was also well into the beginning stages of another little exploration that eventually began to take over my life. I had, quite by accident, stumbled onto the idea that the English alphabet might be naturally or artificially "encoded" in some manner so as to correspond with our base-10 numbering system and that, somehow, the number 9 and the phenomenon of "synchronicity" were key to the whole thing. That, in itself, is a long story and the work is detailed at The bottom line is that this work was so ingrained into my consciousness that it almost naturally began to flow into my ideas about the plot of my book. It provided a perfect plot device to propel the story. Not only did I recognize how well it would work I also knew it was so original that it would be unique among anything else that was out there.

Part-2 of the process:

I was not at all happy with the working title, Ezekiel's Wheels. It wasn't dramatic enough. It wasn't very catchy. Then one day, maybe around 2003/2004, I heard about a book by one of my favorite "alternative" researchers, Gregg Braden. His book was called The God Code. That reminded me of the title of Drosnin's best selling book, The Bible Code. And Julie had recently purchased a book called Healing Codes of the Biological Apocalypse (a book, by the way, in which the co-author had made the same discoveries about the English alphabet that I had made a few years earlier!). At the same time came the phenomenal best-selling novel, The DaVinci Code. All of these books were best sellers in their respective categories. Clearly the public had a thirst for anything with the word "code" in the title. How fortuitous for me! My book definitely had the code element going for it so I latched onto the idea and changed the title to The Ezekiel Code. As soon as I made that change all the little things that kept blocking my progress regarding the direction of the plot just fell away and the story began to write itself. Nearly nine years and 676 pages later The Ezekiel Code was finished.

Good guys, bad guys, romance, mystery, murder, metaphysics and mankind's date with destiny: 2012. All of this and more is packed into the unique adventure called The Ezekiel Code (

"High-concept fiction. An Unforgettable book!"

The Ezekiel Code is one of those rare books, that once you read it, you will never see the world in quite the same way - a mark of excellence in storytelling. It changes you because it opens a portal to so many fascinating concepts, some of which are right before your eyes, laced throughout our lives and history, and others, which exist just beyond our general understanding, that it will keep you thinking and wondering about what it presents long after you've read it.

As a story, The Ezekiel Code quickly became a `place' I wanted to escape to every day. I grew attached to its main characters, Zeke and Angela, and accustomed to being a part of their world, and I didn't want it to end. The characters are alive, fully formed people that seem very real, in richly detailed surroundings. They start out in the most ordinary of circumstances, but are drawn, through many twists and turns, through synchronicity, into a captivating mystery that begins to surround them and take over their lives. Their path is a dangerous and winding one where dark and light continuously battle for supremacy. Slowly, subtly, the main characters, and you, the reader, are taken down the rabbit hole, and you will wonder over & over again, could many of the things the author presents, be real, be true? There is a great deal of evidence to say that yes, much of it could be, and that only enhances an already engaging and compelling story. Indeed, this book is so loaded with mysteries & intriguing theories that a reader could then proceed to spend the next twenty years studying them with immense interest & zeal. Note: The Ezekiel Code could very well be the beginning of many an addiction to uncovering hidden truths, deep mysteries, secret societies, metaphysics, ancient knowledge, quantum physics, (and many other sciences and theoretical concepts that I will not mention for fear of giving too much away) - you have been warned!

I was struck by the breadth of knowledge and passion the author obviously has for his subject matter. In fact, this is one of those instances where I am as fascinated by the author, who embodies his work, as I am the story. Loads of research went into crafting this book. There are many novels that will *razzle-dazzle* you with technology, weapons, and smart, sophisticated "super-people" that none of us could ever relate to. These can be formulaic and forgettable. They may be good reads at the time, but they don't stay with you, simply blending into a sea of similar stories. The Ezekiel Code transcends this, because it is at once relatable, yet so dense in what it offers, that you will find yourself bringing things up that you learned from this book in conversation with your friends & family, and engaging in absorbing and lengthy discussions for a long time to come.

The Ezekiel Code is high-concept fiction, with great action & adventure, and is a completely unique story with a powerhouse ending. An unforgettable read!
– Rai Aren, Author, Secret of the Sands

"There are no coincidences!"

After taking over as director of a homeless shelter, seminarian dropout Ezekiel "Zeke" Banyon stumbles upon a mysterious document listing a strange series of phrases and numbers in his predecessor's office. He and Angela Martin, a recently hired employee of the shelter, become fascinated with the odd phrases and codes. They set out on a journey which leads them to believe that the English Alphabet may in fact be a cipher of some kind; that built into the very fabric of the language itself are coded messages that have been there for centuries. But where did this code come from? What message does it contain? What are the implications to humanity?

Zeke and Angela soon find they are not the only ones interested in discovering the secret of the code. Other more nefarious and conspiratorial organizations' power and future are in Zeke's hands. Some want to protect him while others want him destroyed.

Gary Tenuta's The Ezekiel Code has elements of Dan Brown's The Da Vinci Code as well as the adventure of Preston and Child's The Ice Limit. Mostly, however, this novel is like an entire season of the X-files packed into one book. Tenuta covers a lot of ground and topics including: acoustic levitation, out of body experiences, area 51, ancient Catholic Church and Jesuit secrets, Mayan calendars and predictions, Isis and the great pyramids, Gematria, parallel universes, the Illuminati, conspiratorial organizations, parallel universes, electronic voice phenomenon, and more. This requires a fairly high suspension of disbelief factor by the reader and Tenuta does a good job integrating these diverse concepts into the story.

While English Gematria, which is the assignment of numerical equivalents of words usually associated with Hebrew, is the main concept driving the Ezekiel code, the pace of the novel can occasionally be interrupted by its frequent appearance. Regardless, I found myself engaged throughout the story and googling a number of the curious and fascinating concepts raised in order to learn more about them. Gary has clearly done considerable research in writing this novel. Fans of the X-files will enjoy The Ezekiel Code.
– Todd A. Fonseca, author of The Time Cavern

"Gripping and informative."

The Ezekiel Code was the most gripping and informative book I have read in ages. First time I read an e-book on the computer right through. Although it pushes the edges of a scientific world view, I found the whole book plausible, except perhaps for the gematria, where I share the skeptical view of some characters in the book that putting numbers to letters is arbitrary. Even so, I have a fascination for numbers, especially 144, which is embedded in our solar system in interesting ways.

Just some of the wild contents include: do the Jesuits have rogue illuminati links? Are there secret powers in the world? What is the history of Rennes-le-Chateau? Is an Egyptian ankh magical like a divining rod? can the pyramid capstone save the world from a rogue comet? Do the 13 levels of the pyramid on the US dollar bill predict anything? What is the energy in chakra meditation? Can sound be focussed to enable levitation? Do universities prevent scientists from investigating fringe topics? Is Ezekiel 1 (in the Bible) a description of UFOs?

These wild questions are raised by a well paced and superbly characterized plot in which a guy who runs a homeless shelter in Seattle turns out to be The Chosen One, a title he finds slightly irritating, and sets off with his new girlfriend to save the world. As he links up with various powerful people and looks into the various woo-woo ideas promoted by new agers and conspiracy theorists he finds an amazing hidden unity.
– Robert Tulip, Independent reader
"Synchronicity at its best - a WOW of a read!"

There are a lot of good books out there - by new and established authors- there are some seasoned authors who just don't try as hard anymore -
They better take a good look at this book and see what the new face of competition is...Gary V. Tenuta's The Ezekiel Code!

This book is a compilation of many philosophies, theories, New Age info, ancient and biblical prophecies - I can tell you this was everything I have learned in my journey of awareness and it's all merged into one fantastic tale. It all creates a hold-your-breath-I-can't-stop-reading type of book....
You will find yourself playing with the numeric code and even Googling more than a few things mentioned in the book. Even a healthy dose of the 2012 Mayan prophecy is handled in a wondrous style...
You don't have to be an expert on anything - just sit back and fasten your seatbelts, it's going to be the ride of your life!
-Ellen George, reviewer


I love synchronicites and that's what Gary has plenty of in this amazing book. From the first page, you are drawn in and wonder why such a plain ordinary everyday guy comes to be the "Chosen One". I love how it unfolds and how everthing and everyone comes into play. Gary has written every emotion possible for the two main characters. It is like a rollar coaster ride. The best part about this book is that it has all of my interests (from the Mayan Calendar theory,the Secret Socitey Groups,the Merkaba,numerology, meditation and more)all rolled into one book. Near the end of my journey of this book there were so many interesting synchronicities that happend to me that there are too many to list. The best one I'll mention is on my road trip from Ohio I was coming out of a Tim Horton's and right beside my car door on the ground, were exactly NINE have to read the book to understand. Yep....there are no coincidences....I do rank this book very close to the De Vinci Code if not BETTER...Way to go Gary, I look forward to the next one in 2010...
– An avid fan
Helen from Toronto

"Breaking the (Ezekiel) code. I have finished this great book, but I'm not done with it!"

Although I just completed reading The Ezekiel Code by Gary Val Tenuta, I know I am not finished with it. There is so much to think about.

On the surface, this is a long, complicated story about a group of people joined in an evolving mission - each able to contribute unique talents and capabilities. Zeke Banyon, a once seminary student, embarks on a journey to unlock the mysteries of The Ezekiel Code and other strange, unexplainable phenomenon. Along the way, he is joined in the effort by scientists, metaphysical scientists, professors, religious experts, and others to potentially save the world. The opposition, who reveal themselves like the layers of an onion, is hell-bent to understand what Banyon is doing, but in the end prevent successful mission completion.

There is a lot to this novel beside the overall storyline. It is also: a thriller told in a murder mystery format, a good versus evil romp, an educational cultural journey including Egyptian, Mayan, and Vatican belief systems, a biblical connection to present day, a paranormal dance, a fate versus determination, and not least of all a love story.

The author paints vivid characters that are disclosed on a need to know basis. The depth of these people help the readers participate in the story - we learn which ones are trustworthy, unselfish, and conversely who are menacing. The people we learn to root for in The Ezekiel Code find themselves in dangerous situations, having us hope they pick the right course of action to resolve the conflict, and that their actions will work - the reader rides shotgun.

I can only marvel at the amount of time Gary Val Tenuta must have used to research and develop the intricacies of the codes, the biblical references and the Egyption and Mayan beliefs - all purposefully used to move the story along. The Ezekiel Code captivated me from the start and will impact me in the future as I continue to think about it for some time to come. Read this book, and you will enjoy it as well.
– Yale R. Jaffe, author of Advantage Disadvantage


"A well-crafted ride!"

Gary Val Tenuta's "The Ezekiel Code" is a fascinating read, and well-timed (2012 is vast approaching). Some may shy away from its length, as it is over 600 pages long. Still, the chapters for the most part are quick, and I found it compelling to "read just one more chapter"...

The story in of itself is interesting. The only parts I found slow were the few where I felt as though something had been explained to another character before, thus myself, as the reader. Other parts were where codes were set out for new characters once again during a conversation, but honestly, I'd rather have it set out for me once again than have to flip back to find a relevant part in the text. This is pleasure reading after all! :)

Having read this book while stories of Nostradamus is playing on the television made me feel like I took a crash course on Mayan Mythology, Greek Mythology, studies of Ancient Egypt, Numerology, etc., etc., and more, all at the same time. We learn how the famous "Area 51" ties in, as well as "out-of-body experiences" and taking control over our "Third eye". Fans of Star Trek, Dan Brown, Dr. Who, The X-files, and a myriad of other entertainment venues will find at least one, if not several things, to relate to in this book. And even those who are not fans of these venues will become fans by the end - the last 200 pages went quite quickly for me, a non expert in any of these fields. I definitely felt like I learned some things after reading this well-crafted novel.

There are no coincidences. We are all connected. The author brings science and research from all over the world together, and downloads them into Zeke Banyon's (and the reader's) third eye, as we wait with baited breath to find out the fate of our precious world.
–J.R. Reardon
author, Confidential Communications

"An impressive feat!"

Gary has deciphered the source code of our cosmic program - and has presented it to us as a fictionalized theory of what is occurring "behind-the-curtain." It is quite an impressive feat. Gary has successfully collected many of the more significant clues and has harmonized them into a remarkable story - that just might contain a very important message for us all.
- Peter A. Gersten, Esq. (a.k.a., "UFO Lawyer")
Editor, PAG E-News (;
Director, Citizens Against UFO Secrecy (CAUS)

"Entertaining and enlightening."

This is a course in high strangeness. If you want to know and understand the secret of nine, the Merkaba, alchemy, 2012 and a hundred other streams of knowledge this is the book for you. Gary Val Tenuta has pulled it all together into a fascinating and entertaining novel that challenges the reader to actually think.
-Jay C. Weidner, Documentary producer and Co-author of Mysteries of the Great Cross of Hendaye

"Engrossing, Riveting!"

Engrossing, riveting, fast paced and full of harrowing chills. This book is a keeper!

I won't spoil the ending for you but you'll be very glad that Zeke Banyon took on the challenge of saving the world....
– Lynda Brasier - Researcher / Author - Mission Ignition

"I could not put it down."

For any one who has read Margaret Starbird, John Michell, and a raft of other authors dealing with Sacred Geometry, the Bible, and prophecy, I feel this book is a must. It is a magical mystery tour and fun to read in it's fictional backdrop. I could not put it down.
- Roy Lohr, Digital Photographic Artist (

"100% original. Don't miss this one!"

I found this book, even at over 600 pages, to be exciting and hard to put down. The characters are engaging. I especially enjoyed the interplay between Zeke and Angela. Theirs is a charming love story in the midst of ever changing, and at times very dangerous exploits. Part mystery, part sci-fi, part adventure and 100% original. Don't miss this one!
- Susan M. - Stanwood, WA -

"A real mystery! The ending was great! I loved it!"

I was hooked by the prologue and couldn't wait to see where the story was going to go. Once I got started I couldn't wait to get from one chapter to the next. I'm usually disappointed when the characters in a book are just sort of there to carry the story but these characters were so well developed I really began to feel like they were real. I started to get a little lost with all the number stuff but when I realized the characters were as baffled as I was that's what it made it fun to read. The fun thing was that you can just go along on the ride and let the characters figure it all out! A real mystery! The ending was great! I loved it!
- Darlene P. - Oakland, CA -

"Quite a journey!"

This book was a synchronistic phenomenon for me. I found the book online on 9-9-2007. My personal year is nine. All of my addresses and a telephone number reduce to nine or equal the master numbers Gary talks about throughout the book and to top it off, one of the places mentioned in the book is the town that I grew up in and my address there was 144. It is difficult for me to be objective. I could not put the book down and was stunned over and again as I read further, madly reducing numbers and discovering so much that at one point I became overwhelmed with revealing information regarding the Merkaba, Atlantis, our relationship to our solar system, Paganism, and so much more. It's a great book to read during this shift in human consciousness. Actually it's the most important book I've read during my transformation which started exactly NINE years ago with an American Indian on the Pacific Coast. The Ezekiel Code has helped me weave it together!!! Thank you Gary!
- Joanna Meers - New York, NY

"The book is a trip!"

The book is a trip! Entertaining, intellectually stimulating and emotionally satisfying all in one. But hard to catagorize. The X-Files meets One Step Beyond? Dan Brown meets Rod Serling? Religious thriller? Speculative fiction? Sci-fi? A little of each, I guess. All I know is I couldn't stop reading until I at least found out what it was those two guys in the prologue were talking about and why the one guy never called the other guy like he said he would. Did somebody kill him? But before the answer to that mystery was revealed other mysteries were already in play. Right in the first chapter a completely innocent young lady leaves a homeless shelter where she'd just interviewed for a part time job and as she walks out the door somebody in a car across the street focuses a telephoto lens on her and snaps off a few frames. Why? Who was taking the pictures? And why did the clock on the wall in the homeless shelter suddenly loose several hours? Or did it gain several hours? And what is the deal with the number 9? It's just one puzzle after another and you sort of fall into the flow of the two main characters (Banyon and Angela) as they begin to realize something odd is going on. Other characters are introduced gradually as the story builds and becomes more complex and Banyon discovers something about himself that he reluctantly realizes he must accept. And then the dramatic ending! I couldn't turn those last few pages fast enough! Like I said, the book is a trip! If you're looking for something different, this is it.
- D. Monson - Seattle, WA

"It's amazing!"

I got the Book! OH MY GOSH! I Loved It! I couldn't put it down...I read it in 3 trying to work and sleep...LOL...Not only did I love the story...I now am amazed with the numbers! I am now telling everyone they gotta read it! It's amazing! "
- Shey – Independent reader