The Spirit Taker

Romance, General Fiction

By Joice Overton

Publisher : Vanilla Heart Publishing

ABOUT Joice Overton

Joice Overton
Joice Overton has published four books to date, with one having gone to second edition in 2003. The first three books were published by Schiffer Publishing Ltd. and are non-fiction covering the subjects of Cowboys and Native Americans. Joice's first books have been inducted into the N More...



In the spring of 1876 Nola De Fouche’, a true daughter of the old South, receives a letter from her fiance asking her to travel to Montana Territory to become his wife. Nola embarks on the journey that will change her life forever.

A photographer by choice, abandoned and alone by fate, Nola must endure strange and startling differences from the way she’s always lived, frightening and yet, magnificent new experiences.  Beyond the edge of civilization, alone with only her horse for company, she learns to forage for her necessities, and capture this immense land with her photography.

Within the photographs of her nearby surroundings, a shadowed figure stares back at her from the dense and forbidding forest...