Hyblood: First Book of the Wolva Trilogy

Hyblood: First Book of the Wolva Trilogy

ABOUT Stephanie Budd April Wolf

Stephanie Budd April Wolf
April Wolf lives in Maryland with her family and is a full time student studying criminal justice and enjoys writing part-time. Stephanie Budd, born in Florida, now lives in Australia and writes full time. In 2005, they met and became friends over the internet and because of shared intere More...


In 1803 France, a young Frenchman named Gaspard, and his friend move out from the Paris orphanage they have lived in for over a decade. They find jobs at an old mansion and perhaps a friendship in the owns daughter, Jocelyn. 

While working there, they learn of the disappearance of previous stable hands, and believe some coincidence must have occurred - until something happens to change both of their lives forever.

Now Gaspard finds himself in the midst of creatures he has only heard about in fairy tales. He secretly travels to the vampire castle after sunset to be trained by his own kind to survive. Though, he is unaware that the brutal vampire leader, Lucas, has great plans for him and that his change was for an essential reason that he will soon discover.

With the help of his mentor, Gabriel, he is taught the vampire ways and to keep himself hidden from the human world. But his growing friendship with Jocelyn threatens to reveal the truth of what really lies beneath his flesh.

Between his ever reoccurring dreams of his past and his constant feuds with Lucas, he is caught in a reality he wants nothing to do with. Will he be able to keep himself in control with the creature he has become?

A Vampire. A luster of blood.