Awakening Love

Romance, General Fiction

By G.B Hobson

Publisher : Silver Shield (Dare Empire eMedia Productions)

ABOUT G.B Hobson

G.B Hobson
I am an ancient old biddie who writes short stories and novels. (Some say they are 'steamy' but I guess that depends on how hot you like your shower! I was once a dress designer, then a teacher. Now I write full time.
I have been a successful dress designer, teacher, plus a lay minis More...



Three men want her, two men love her but one desires her above all for the right reasons. Will she see behind the masks of lies and hidden agendas to find a love that's everlasting or choose the wrong one and miss out on an awakening love.

Competing with young June’s burning ambition to be a top designer, are war hero Arthur Rogers, and his handsome younger brother Charles. But June’s boss, entrepreneur Robert Watson – ruthless in both business and affairs of the heart –is determined not to lose his gifted designer to the ties of marriage or romantic love. Watson forcefully makes his play to own her – body and soul…

June has high aspirations of becoming a top designer and the creativity and talent to make something of herself. Coming from a time where social status marks what she can do to fullfill her dreams, her shy nature makes her easy prey.
Robert Watson is as ruthless in business affairs as he is in affairs of the heart. His expertise tells him not to let June go, but to cultivate and use her talent for his own desires.
Arthur Rogers is smitten with the most beautiful woman he's ever met. Her gift amazes him but not as much as who the woman is behind it. He's not the only one who's vying for attentions, his brother Charles feels deeply for the lovely woman as well.