Romance, General Fiction, Classics

By G.B Hobson

Publisher : Silver Shield (Dare Empire eMedia Productions)

ABOUT G.B Hobson

G.B Hobson
I am an ancient old biddie who writes short stories and novels. (Some say they are 'steamy' but I guess that depends on how hot you like your shower! I was once a dress designer, then a teacher. Now I write full time.
I have been a successful dress designer, teacher, plus a lay minis More...



What is the measure of a man's worth? June struggles with that question while embracing her sexuality. June holds a secret, a secret which could turn the tables in this family feud spanning decades, a secret which cannot be kept any longer.
Robert has June where he wants her, fully tied to him, dependant on him for both her career and emotional support. He wields his sexuality as an addiction, that few would survive from if severed.
A fine game of strategy ensues leaving only one enemy vying for June. If he has his way his naive woman will accept the small pieces of himself he offers her and not the foolish notion that there's anyone else better suited for her.

In this game of seduction there's only one winner.

“...June put down her brush and smoothed her hands over her full breasts and down the luxurious fabric to her hips. The strength of her sexuality began to rise.
She knew Robert had given her the garment deliberately; he understood such things. Nervously, she walked to the door, eager yet fearful to enter the bedroom, knowing in the depth of her heart what the encounter might lead to...”

“Seduction ” is a triumph. Entertaining, wild, erotic, and full of enough twists and turns to keep the reader engrossed. A great piece of reading, written with Gladys Hobson’s very typical skill! – Andy O’Hara