Smouldering Embers

Romance, Humor, General Fiction

By G.B Hobson

Publisher : Silver Shield (Dare Empire eMedia Productions)

ABOUT G.B Hobson

G.B Hobson
I am an ancient old biddie who writes short stories and novels. (Some say they are 'steamy' but I guess that depends on how hot you like your shower! I was once a dress designer, then a teacher. Now I write full time.
I have been a successful dress designer, teacher, plus a lay minis More...



"You look incredibly lovely when you blush," he murmured softly.
    It was such a corny thing to say, normally I would have laughed in response. But he was looking into my eyes so intently that I felt bewitched by his words. My hand, which he still held, glowed from his touch and I knew my heart was beating much faster in response to my disturbed emotions. He gave me one of his flashing smiles and said briskly, "But I apologise; put it down to my randy state having just lost both wife and lover."

And so Alice's search for an answer to her orgasmic problem looks like being resolved through a chance meeting with her husband Roger's best friend. Will Tony merely educate Roger or will Alice become Tony's latest conquest?

"..G.B Hobson again triumphs with her masterpiece Smouldering Embers. There's such a wistful, genuine quality to her style that it's hard not to be drawn in right away. Hobson is not only a Writer, but an Artist. I have long since been convinced that her books will be a part of every library in England and around the globe..."
Andrew F O'Hara, prize-winning author of The Swan, Tales of the Sacramento Valley. Editor of The Jimston Journal