ABOUT Lee Harlem Robinson

Lee Harlem Robinson
Lee Harlem Robinson is a fictional character created for the blog ‘Trying to Throw My Arms Around the World’ by Hannelore Arbyn. In daily blog posts, Lee narrates the story of how she ended up in Hong Kong. ‘Come and Go’ picks up where ‘Trying to Throw my Arms Around the World’ More...


Who says we have to be perfect, anyway?

Lee Harlem Robinson is used to getting all the girls, until she arrives in Hong Kong. Faced with a severe shortage of dateable lesbians, it takes Lee months to find romance and surrender to her first summer of love in 100% humidity. Much against Lee’s will, her affair with posh banker Stella doesn’t last into autumn and she’s left scouring happy hour with her perpetually single gay friends again.

Lost in the loneliness only the most populated cities can afflict, she’s on the brink of a melt-down when she meets Nikki, a leather-clad lawyer-cum-photographer.

Can they defy the odds and find love in a harsh and loose city like Hong Kong? Is Nikki enough to make her forget Stella? And what happens when Lucy, Lee’s boss from London, flies over to attend to some unfinished business?

A blend of chick lit, romance and lesbian drama set against the backdrop of that other city that never sleeps.