The Blood of Zealots

Mystery & Thrillers

By William J. Atkins

Publisher : Point Comfort Publishing, LLC

ABOUT William J. Atkins

William J. Atkins
William J. Atkins wrote his first full-length novel after thirty years as an international financial services executive. His life experiences in international sales and marketing exposed him to the cultural cross currents that feed the characters and places in his book. He is a graduate o More...



Can your very DNA upend assumptions about the person you are? Author William J. Atkins probes this question and many others in his groundbreaking debut novel, The Blood of Zealots. Splicing the genres of science-faction, global espionage, and good old-fashioned romance, this ingenious, high-velocity novel follows a trail of DNA to shed fascinating light on how we’re all connected—and implicated—in today’s fraught international arena.
New York financier Trey Cowens is at the end of his psychological rope. After repeatedly winding up in compromised circumstances, he is finally ready to get at the root of what ails him. To that end, Trey appeals to his hypnotherapist, the beautiful Rachel Kohen. Soon, Trey finds himself propelled on an international manhunt for his biological father. Using his own DNA and traditional genealogy, Trey discovers a colorful family that is hereditarily bound to revolutionary exploits. Follow his pilgrimage from the far reaches of Donegal, Ireland, to tumultuous Tel Aviv with the mysteries of his own genetics unraveling at every step of the way. All strains of humanity are revealed to be inextricably bound, one man’s terrorist is another’s patriot; one man’s lover is another’s enemy. Provocative, powerful, and boldly original, The Blood of Zealots is a super-charged, keenly sharp read.

The Blood of Zealot, a novel, is about man in his late thirties who was orphaned at birth and approaching middle age with no hope of finding a soul mate or true happiness. Through hypnotherapy, a DNA test and traditional genealogy he is launched on an international manhunt for his biological family. I hope you will buy the book and read it at . More importantly, I want to tell you why I wrote The Blood of Zealots, and what I hope the reader will get from their investment of time to read it. I respect your time as though it was my own, so I tried to produce a book that would both entertain and inform about some of the things in the world I find fascinating. I lost a biological parent early in life. My father left us when I was around four. My mother, two sisters and I moved in with my grandmother. Mother remarried a few years later and our new father moved us into a suburban bungalow in the upper Midwest. He adopted us, we adopted his family genealogy, he gave us his last name and the re-branding began. I was born with the Roman numeral for three after my name (III), indicating the third in an unbroken line of males; I got a new name, but no numerals. My biological father was not spoken of until I tracked him down many years later. Anyone reading the first chapters of Zealots will notice a thread of my personal story. I decided that if I were going to write, I would draw from those experiences as much as possible in order to inject authenticity into the work. I hope that has been achieved. (read more on the author's blog at

The Blood of Zealots is an intriguing and captivating read. Suspense, Politics, Science, And Religion combine to complete this page turning novel.

The author has done an amazing job with characterization and storyline development. Can't wait for the next book or next installment.

Great, Great Novel!