Words that make Sentences that make Poems


By Toni Sinns

Publisher : CreateSpace

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Toni Sinns
Toni Sinns was born and raised in Western North Carolina before moving to Central Florida in 2011. She is an upcoming author/writer with a mind in multiple genres of novels and books. She is currently working on multiple novels that you can read about on her website: http://tonigracesi More...



This book is full of the poetic mind of T.Sinns. You follow her poems through emotions, experiences, thoughts, dreams, fears and more. Each poem is unique in the situation it was created and the event it describes.
I am quite impressed by Toni's imagination and mastery of words. From short Haiku to long standard prose, Toni displays a talent for visualization that draws in the reader. I was quite taken aback by "Daddy", which reminded me of my own father's passing; and thoroughly enjoyed both "Cupid's Arrow" and "Homework."

Many of the poems have a darker edge which take the reader to the brink...and then Toni brings forth words of hope that brilliantly contrasts the darkness.

At only 80 pages, its a quick, entertaining read that, for any fan of poetry, doesn't disappoint. Enjoy!!!

R. Kyle Hannah
Author of

Words that Make Sentences that Make Poems
Author: Toni Sinns

Many people can express darkness in unique or creative ways. Emotions are subjective to each person and are often expressed by yelling, screaming, and violent outbursts, hiding in corners or playing an instrument. Some use writing to create a picture for readers that can be vividly seen as various types of emotions, events and feelings are put not just into words but creatively and vividly described sentences that form poems. Poet and author Toni Sinns presents a an eclectic collection of poems that run the gambit of every emotion we have from love, to hate, to despair, depression and fear.
Words are powerful. They can evoke images, thoughts, and emotions and express our inner most feelings and desires. One word can flood our memories, unconscious mind, and overflow our thoughts with colorful, dark, hidden and vivid images that can form other words; sentences expressing what are in our minds and soul. Author Toni Sinns uses words or phrases to evoke in the reader the feelings within your heart and mind to help understand a kaleidoscope of words that are our emotions. Like a starburst or meteor shower that covers the world or part of the sky and fills the spaces of our minds and corners of our hearts within our emotional outbursts, feelings of despair, fog, loneliness, happiness, fear, death, and acceptance enter as you become part of the world of words that make sentences that make poems by Toni Sinns.
Happiness is a universal emotion yet unique to each of us. The warmth of the rays of the sun, in the poem Happiness, creates a special flutter in the author’s heart and evokes a feeling of love right from her family.  Using one word titles in several of her shorter offerings, the author defines the word using adjectives, nouns and descriptive sentences allowing the reader to picture the mood, the words in his/her own mind and to feel that emotional tug and pull first hand. Referring to honesty as a White Knight is quite compelling. Describing Honesty as if it were a real person and the quality is quite creative and the final line so clear in its definition. Followed by the poem Loyalty and using the medal gold as the key in this poem to entice the reader to learn more. A medal so valuable and worth so much as she defines Loyalty. Gold chains that bind us together as she states are the Golden Words of Loyalty. But, not all emotions are filled with joy and she delves into her inner most heart and describes despair, fog, death, depression and fear/ These are a blend of emotions that we all feel at times when hurt, betrayed, after losing a loved one or friend, spouse or even a job. Sometimes these feelings evoke strong reactions aptly expressed or described in words for others to understand.  Sometimes more than one feeling evokes another and emotions override each other or overflow. As you read the poems in this book and hear the voice of each mood, feeling, emotion or event you can almost picture the words on a canvas painted in an art gallery with each poem used as the index below explaining it to the viewer.
Despair let’s the reader know that the person speaking has lost all hope for future and feels they must surrender to the pain. Fog is something we can barely see through and when things become clouded and too thick to see we pray it lifts and forms a newly clear sky to help us focus on the world, as we should see it in a more positive light. The author defines Love, depression, Faint and Fight. Her understanding of Alone as she describes the person sitting alone in her room not hearing or seeing anything around her almost like isolation even though things are physically present. The speaker is withdrawing from the physical world into her own filled with loneliness. But, someone shakes her dark world by pulling back the black drapes where reality might set in. Next, Anger fear, Pain, Relapse and a strong emotion many feel at times Revenge. There are so many poems that I cannot relate all of them to you the reader as I would be depriving you of reading them and finding which ones evoke your strongest feelings and desires.
Something most teens find difficult when overwhelmed or even a college student is Homework. Staring at the paper and not really sure how to complete it is not uncommon. Detention would not be fun but the speaker has a revelation at the end of the poem, which changes everything. The poem that I really liked the best if I was asked to pick one is Daddy. I always wanted and asked my Dad for guidance to help me through rough times and I was so proud when he said he was proud of me for my accomplishments. He did not shower me with presents, or monetary rewards when I got good grades in school or did something kind for someone else. Just his words of praise, a hug and a smile were all I needed. He, as the author states, will always be in my heart and when I look up into the sky or the heavens I often feel his presence.     
In the author’s own words: “My poems are a mixture of emotions and thoughts. They come from ideas and some of them come from life experiences. Most of them are tragic, depressing, and end in death or are about death.” Each poem is unique in its own way some poor filled with despair and others seem to see the light. Death is a terrifying and bone chilling feeling when staring at someone in a coffin or watching him or her lowered into the ground. Understanding what is happening but remembering the good and the great memories special. Another poem that will definitely stir up your blood and juices is Mirror Death. As you star at yourself in a mirror and watch the tears fall as you remember why you feel this way and the cause you just might feel like smashing the glass and allowing the anger to overtake you. But, life goes on and you need to continue.
Her Life is the finality of a young girl’s journey. One last time freeing herself from the rules and regulations of her family and the constraints of life which many adults feel they cannot handle either. Now, she would be on her own but where? The remainder of the poems that I will discuss deal with real life issues many face today as these poems bring to light many difficult issues teens and adults face when depression, anger, fear and hopelessness are not addressed and handled. Bruise is powerful as the author describes what happens to someone at the hand of another. Followed by the powerful poem Abuse, which vividly paints a picture of black and blue skin, scrapes and the fact it can happen to anyone. Describing her feelings about school, working there all day, learning to follow the rules and regulations, but going home and telling your mother what you learned to me is priceless. The poem Mother is quite powerful as it interlocks and intertwines in my mind the others dealing with Abuse and harms. Freeing his/her own mind and allowing their thoughts to come out is the author or speaker’s own way to let the world know he/she does not believe the nagging, abusive language and negativity generated by the mother in this poem. “ Life is full of Mystery we really can’t explain,” says the author. If you think about it life is one huge roller coaster as she states consisting of many ups, downs, slides, curves and definitely twists. It can create stress, it can be hard but when two people stick together you get that special medal or word Loyalty coming front and center. Although each poem might on the surface appear to filled with only death, despair and sadness looking deep into some you will definitely find the white light. So, Life Gets Better she is so right when she writes this final poem that I will discuss. Through the lies, the hate, the troubles that “crackle among the fire,” we once again realize the roller coaster with nonstop brakes that creates the wonderful experiences we have as the world can be a great place if you do not succumb to all of its pressures and stop downloading the negative and realize if you keep fight you will succeed. Life Gets Better.
The author creates poems filled with human emotions, feelings and thoughts we all experience. Through it all I can see the white light as I said in some and the dark clouds in others as the warning signs that we all need to look out for before we go down into the darkness and forget the light. Although life is difficult, filled with delicate and intricate moments and times if you work at it, never give up and follow your own path and heart you just might lift the veil of clouds, fog and despair. Listen to your self and find your own dreams and do not let that coffin door close on your. Try not to let your dreams in the ground and soar part the clouds and look for that hope and try not to find that everything goes dark.
Vividly described emotions in well- written poems that create their own individual stories, pictures and images in the mind of the reader in this original collection of words that form sentences that form poems by one creative author Toni Sinns. Let’s give this book: FIVE WHITE CLOUDS OF HAPPINESS
Fran Lewis: Reviewer