Science Fiction & Fantasy, Young Adult

By Paul M. Schofield

Publisher : Galactic Publishers

ABOUT Paul M. Schofield

Paul M. Schofield
In the words of Lord Byron, "If I don't write to empty my mind, I go mad." So, I write action packed, future-fiction that's fun and refreshing to read.



Imagine an Earth restored to perfection under the care of ten women Guardians, who answer only to a governing computer. Imagine a peaceful, colonized Solar System. This is what the New Victorian Empire has accomplished in the 476 years of its existence. Now mankind faces extinction because of a genetic mutation caused by the catastrophic collapse of Earth's environment in 2065 A.D., the year the Empire began. The Keyhole anomaly, a wormhole in space, offers a solution; time travel to transport genetically sound humans from the past. 

A powerful underground organization is rapidly building their forces to eliminate the Empire and gain control of the Keyhole and the Solar System. Only the Planetary Control Corps (PCC) under the leadership of Star-Commander Abigail VanDevere and the dynamic team of Lieutenant Janet Rogerton, Pilot Kolanna, Martin, and Panther stand in the rebels' way. Will the strength and determination of the PCC be enough? Will they have time to succeed?

TROPHY: RESCUE is the second book of the Trophy Saga, a future look at a pivotal time in mankinds history. It tells the story of the continuing struggle to prevent the extinction of the human race.

Thoroughly enjoyed this 2nd installment in the Trophy Saga. Character development is great and the story line flows well. My only problem is; I read much faster than Paul Schofield can write...waiting for installment 3.