ABOUT Brittany Allen

Brittany Allen
I am the author of the novel Misery Saves the Night and just wanted to spread the word about this book to as wide of an audience as I can.I began writing at a young age to empty my head of my over active imagination. At times I have become so obsessed with stories that they have given me m More...



In a world divide by humans and humans with supernatural abilities a girl seemingly falls out of the sky one night into a country stuck in the same routine for four decades. This young girl shakes up the country of Disten by being the first supernatural ability human in their land to not have been born there... And by killing an entire squad of their government's, the Nation Security of Super Humans, or the NSSH for short, best soldiers while in a power induced trance. Waking up in a hospital the following day, she is strapped to a hospital bed with no memory of her life before that moment. From that moment on, she fights for her freedom while trying to recover her past. Her quest takes her half way across the world where she tries to find peace only to have her past come back for her, literally. Friends turn into enemies and enemies into friends as she struggles between what her heart wants and what she needs to do. Young Recarie will decide to peacefully live a new life or fight for those who won't fight for themselves.

I've always felt that there are too many novels out there where a guy is the main character. Even when a female is a main character, she's either ditsy, air headed, overly sexualized, materialistic, are one or the other common stereotypical female types. I just want a story about a girl who isn't afraid to be what she wants to be without the influence of everyone around her. That's what I do, write stories with strong female leads, who might have the occasional week spell. :) My inspiration from this book came from a vivid dream I had one night about a girl with long flame like, flowing mauve hair and crystal butterfly wings half the size of her. I combined the dream with some real life issues I was facing at the time and came up with something really great! If you like my book, please feel free to tell your friends, family, and just any one else about it and leave a review.